Bitlanders vs Steemit: Bitlanders is the Best Blogging Site for Me!

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Okay, so I did the Steemit one on another blog, you can read it here. Now I will give you my reasons why Bitlanders is the Best! Sorry but I am definitely bias.

I believe working online is not supposed to feel like a lottery where you try your luck to win with a quality post, instead you should be appreciated for the content that you make based on it's quality. 




As I said in my other blog, not all sites are perfect so let me post some points on what I think needs improvement here first.


Current Bitlanders Points for Improvement

1. Moderators missing in the global chat.

Sometimes Bitlanders employees/admins are in the chat room other times they are not.

There should be a way to kick abusive chatters out of the global chat or ban them if they post lewd comments or pornographic/R rated content. Bitlanders is a good place and until last yea has been promoting charity works and I can say it's supposed to be kid-friendly so be careful what you post here.

The reason I rarely go into global chat is because I used to see a lot of bad behavior and buzz begging in it which can get you terminated if you read the FAQ section. These people probably don't even care about reading the FAQ section and knowing the rules. Below is one of the most important section to read in the FAQ section.

earn_money_onlinebitlanders_vs_steemit(Image credit: Artgirl screencap via Bitlanders)


Back in March, I checked the chat a few times, I saw some pornographic content being posted so I left it. Then when I checked again I saw the same things. And then some people called them out, and I also called them out and said they should be reported and then guess what happened? Hahaha.

It was not a funny experience but I just wonder if the person doing it was a teen who must have been desperate for money, love and attention. If they are supposedly adults then I don't know what their parents taught them, perhaps they are still immature and yet to grow up and be better people.


2. Anti-harassment/abuse or penalty system for abusive and harrassing/rude members must be put in place.

March was a month where I experienced a lot of things here in Bitlanders. Aside from reaching the number 1 spot on March 23, 2018, I and other Bitlanders members were also subject to a bit of harassment from certain new members that have now been thankfully removed and terminated.

It may have been one person from India creating multiple accounts or many people promoting porn, who knows? They must have been desperate for money, love and attention thus went around people's posts putting rude comments and sending insulting chat messages and private messages to several members. It may be funny to some but it is not to me and others.

They may still be lurking around who knows but Bitlanders felt like a safe site before but now we will have to be vigilant and watch and report those who abuse and harass other people. Do not just sit and watch when you see it. Online harassment is quite the same as bullying and is not something that must be tolerated and just laughed at and observed without doing nothing.

We can choose to ignore their comments and messages so they don't get the satisfaction of getting attention but we should also REPORT them to cs[at] (optional to include pictures as proof) whenever we see them in the global chat and commenting on other people's posts. 

It took weeks (I feel like it was almost a month) for these rude people to get terminated causing some form of negative mental/emotional state to me and other members who experienced it. However mild or deep the negative experience was for us, that kind of behavior is still something that should not be ignored but reported to the proper people and called out for their bad behavior.

If you see any abusive or insulting microblogs, you can report them by clicking on the top right button or sending an email to Bitlanders customer service. Bitlanders is a good community, let us keep it that way by reporting them and calling them out for their crude and immature behavior and not tolerating or just ignoring them. Inaction to seeing bad behavior is something I do not agree on.




♥ Why Bitlanders is the Best ♥

Okay, if you don't know what Bitlanders is about, watch this interview with the founder of Bitlanders, Francesco Rulli.

(Video credit: Bitsonline via YouTube)


It's good to know how a site came to be right? It's very interesting. I don't need to put up my own website anymore and such I can just use Bitlanders and be happy earning some extra $$$.

Anyway, on to the best things about Bitlanders!


1. You don't need to kowtow/suck up and look for site bigwigs to be noticed and earn something decent here in Bitlanders.

In Steemit, as a newbie if you don't find the big people or groups and make them notice you, you don't get any upvotes (or buzz if here) at all and so you will earn big fat... cents if not zero.

As opposed to here, all you have to do on Bitlanders is create detailed and well-researched and really explained articles with appropriate and credited pictures and videos, submit it for review and Hillary will check the quality and even suggest tips on how to get high star ratings! 

We love you Hillary and thank you!

Mostly I get 4 stars but the occasional 5 stars is really something to be happy about. Why? Hey right now you can get up to 33 buzz points and 10 complete gems. Oh yeah! 5 stars is the highest and most coveted rating of them all!!!

This is Hillary who gives out our ratings and doles out tips to do better on our blogs and other posts too. (^_^)

bitlanders_is_the_best(Photo credit: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders)


I will show you a picture later for proof of the 33 buzz for a 5 star blog. Keep reading. :D


2. Bitlanders is not complicated to use at all!

All you have to do is post microblogs, upload your own images to a gallery, upload your own videos and write your own blogs and you will get $$$! Plus it will soon have the option to withdraw in Bitcoin and BCH. Now who's the best blogging site??? Hahaha.

Of course remember to buzz other people's posts too because that will count into your buzz score. Visit others and read and leave good and engaging comments when you can so you make friends here too aside from having fun making money.

Your buzz score will increase depending on your site activity. Look at my buzz score history. Lol.

bitlanders_is_better_than_steemit(Photo credit: ArtGirl via Bitlanders)


Bitlanders is very user-friendly and fun too, what with the star rewards and buzz scores. So easy to use and you get $1 FREE upon signing up! The avatars are fun to dress up too, no need to put your picture if you want some anonymity! 

Wanna know how to change your avatar and clothes? Watch LookUp's video!

(Video credit: LookUp via Bitlanders)




3. Quality and Original Content is King in Bitlanders

You have a long and well-researched blog or heartfelt essay? Post it here in Bitlanders. If you post it on Steemit and don't get the highest and most coveted upvote from Curie curator, well then sorry you only get just $3 maybe like my latest long post there. (The current Steem to USD is 1:1.78.) 

write_and_earn_online(Screencap of ArtGirl's post in Steemit)


Why USD 3? Well it's a complicated thing to explain so I won't do it here. 

I was waiting on a Curie upvote but I got anxious after several hours of waiting. Of course I am happy when I finally got that $3 amount even if I think it is worth more, especially since the cryptomarkets are now going up again. I had to submit it for "review" to other topic/subject curators before they even upvoted it. You have to know where to submit it and which tags to use and who to get in contact with out of the thousands of users on Steemit. Otherwise if you just sit there and hope someone finds it then you will get some buzzing cents to your long post that you super worked your butt off to make. 

There's too many ways and people to get in touch with in order to earn a lot in that other site. If you like to farm for Steem then you will spend your whole day on there and hope for the best. 

After 7 days your Steemit blog won't earn you anything anymore so what then is my $3 article worth in the long run? Again it will just be worth cents or maybe less than cents after years online. On Bitlanders the longer your post is and the better your images, layout, videos and content are the better. On top of that, even if it's a year or two old blog, you can still earn from it when someone buzzes it! Thank God I found Bitlanders first!

You will feel appreciated and never anxious if your Bitlanders blog/content will earn you money or not. All you have to do is make original and quality content, submit for review and wait until Hillary gives the final verdict. That's it! I just love Bitlanders.

best_way_to_earn_extra_cash(Photo credit: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders)


Highest buzz score you can get for a 5 star blog is 33 buzz points plus a special comment and buzz from Hillary which RARELY HAPPENS! Omg, Sharon Lopez is really a good blogger.

The best part is, if you get a 5 star blog/video/gallery rating, it will be featured on the home page for everyone to see. That will get the member more buzz and in turn that person will get to buzz new members they have not seen before. More buzz for you and me = more $$$ for everyone.

Want to know how blogs are rated? Read Micky's blog HERE.


4. You can withdraw money via Paypal (and soon in cryptocurrency!)

What better way to get your earnings than using Paypal? Of course I wish there was a direct to bank option to get rid of the Paypal fees but I'm not complaining.

Previously Payza was available for other users as a payout/withdraw option but this site has stopped using it because of Payza issues. Something good came out of having Payza removed: Soon BTC and BCH will be an option to withdraw earnings to so we can earn and invest more Bitcoin! Woohooo! Best way to get rich... hopefully. Haha.

earn_online_by_blogging(Photo credit via Pixabay)


Thank you Bitlanders! Mwah mwah.


5. You can earn up to $9 a day or hopefully more if we keep making amazing quality content!

Look at this screen cap by Sharon Lopez. This is the evidence you are looking for! The image was captured two months ago. 

social_network_war(Photo credit: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders)


It may not be as big as a $40 earning on a single post as a "lottery win" or once in a lifetime occurence in Steemit but the above is a sign of a stable source of everyday income. Unlike Steemit, where you most likely earn cents everyday, here, you earn real US dollars as long as you make original quality content and submit it for review.

Yes you will need to buy several gems to submit future content to get star ratings but you get 3 FREE blog submissions for review to help you start it off here. If you get several gems out of the three good and quality blog posts then you can submit another blog "for free" if it reaches more than 10 gems!


(Photo credit via Pixabay


If you're not good in blogging then create original videos, upload them and submit for review! You earn buzz and gems from it too. I'm not good in those two yet so I focus on blogging. Bitlanders used to have a video site called FilmAnnex. It was connected to Bitlanders like DTube is connected to Steemit. Unfortunately it's not open to sign up anymore so just upload your own original videos here in Bitlanders instead and earn some $$$ from it!

Writing for Bitlanders is one of my favorite form of investment why not join us too? If you're looking for a stable source of $$$ then you make quality and original content for Bitlanders, ya hear? Hahaha. Oh dollar bills, come to mamah! 

Still not on Bitlanders? Join us today! CLICK HERE.



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If you're not a Bitlanders member yet, sign up and click here
and be appreciated for what you post plus earn extra $$$.



If you have any problem or site issues, read the FAQ then please report and send an email to cs[at]@bitlanders[dot]com. 


 All images are copyright of their respective owners. 

Written for Bitlanders by ArtGirl. All rights reserved
© Art x Stephanie Rue



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