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When I logged into Film annex yesterday I was surprised to see the Bitlanders logo instead of Film annex. I was really confused with the move and I didn't really get my head around it but thanks to a few people pointing me in the right direction to find out more information, I now understand why.

This move is beneficial for all, while creating a wider audience for everyone involved with this website. You still get all the perks from film annex with buzz scores, and bit coins but now more people around the world blog about what interests them, sharing experiences and really getting inspired. 

I started blogging on this site as film annex as a filmmaker and I will continue to use this site to talk about my films and other films that inspire me or have given the opportunity  to develop my skills. So I won't be going any where anytime soon. 


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My name is Dominic Mathewson and I am a young film maker.

My aim is to challenge boundaries and share stories that I feel need to be shared.

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