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Welcome to guys! Before I start my tutorial, let me introduce myself first. I am Shaiera, one of the roses here at I been using this site for almost three months, my highest rank achievement so far here was on rank 4 and as of now i already got 3 withdrawals from this site. So, that’s it. Let’s start exploring this site.


What is

Like other social media sites that are "in" nowadays, allowed us to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions and our very own quality content blogs. The biggest thing that it makes different from others is that through bitlanders we can earn. Yes, you read it right, you can earn by using this site. To make it more specific, is an online social media gaming site wherein it pays the users in bitcoin. Later I will discuss what it is bitcoin but for now let’s tackled what is as a whole platform.

From the beginning, while you just did your account. You encountered the two bosses here, namely Hilary (Hilary Summer)and Micky (micky-the-slanted-salerno ).

If you notice, Micky already told you how this site works.

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Micky  is the one who updated us for the new rule or platform here and he also suggests through his blog some topics which costs double rewards.


Hilary is known for her strict face. She is the one who review the blogs we are about to submit. After her review, your blog (aside from blog, movies and pictures on your gallery can also be submitted for the review) is being rated. Here are the equivalents of every star you will get if you submit your content.

For the double reward, if you write about what micky's suggested

5-star blog = +30 buzzscore

4-star blog = + 10buzzscore

3- star blog =+6 buzzscore

2- star blog =+4 buzzscore

1- star blog =+2 buzzscore

For the normal topic

5-star blog = +15 buzzscore

4-star blog = + 5buzzscore

3- star blog =+3 buzzscore

2- star blog =+2 buzzscore

1-    star blog =+1 buzzscore

(Thanks to mohammad-belal-khan for the information about the equivalent buzzscores)

By the way, you can get back your gems depending upon to the number of star rated to your blog, for 5-star = 10 gems, 4-star =4 gems, 3-star =3gems, 2-star =2 gems and 1-star =1 gem.


What are gems and the function of it?

In this site, gems play an important role because you need this to submit your contents (blog/movie/pictures on gallery) for the review. For every contents you wish to submit, you need to pay 10 gems. You can also use your gems to buy on the store. Just click the logo and it will leads you to the store.

You can buy some stuffs there using your gems or the bitcoin you earned to customize your avatar.


What is bitcoin?

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Awhile ago, I already mentioned that this site, pays its users by bitcoin. Bitcoin is an online money currency that you can used to exchange to your country currency.

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By the way, I use this link for my earnings conversions.

As you can see, I already earned Php 4,572. Yeah you can earn more than this because even though my account exists here for three months I used to be active here for two months. You can read my blog so you can figure out why, here is the link my-journey-here-and-the-impact-of-mickys-blog-about-ban-for-buzz-and-sub-comments-and-on-the-chat.



Since is a social media site, you can share your ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions or even your blog here. This site has four different aspects/features.


1. movie

In this feature, you are able to share your very-own movies or videos. Yes, you can upload videos you get from YouTube or other sites, but it is more advisable to upload your own videos because you can submit that for the review. Like these movies below.

Videos courtesy of CintaLauraKiehl


2. Blog


In this section, you can post here some articles you did. You can write blog with the topic that you want BUT bear in your mind that PLAGIARISM here is strictly prohibited. Just put in this section your own ORIGINAL quality content articles. If you want some ideas of what to blog, I suggest to read one of the best users here not-now's blog about the-essence-of-responsible-blogging or watch the video below.

Video courtesy of Michael Cain


3. Microblog

Here you have limited words to be written. You only have 160 letters to use. This is best for expressing your feelings like what you did on Facebook. You can mention some users on this site by putting "@" sign before the name like @shaiera. In Facebook you called that "tag" and the person you mention will be notified. The restriction of tagging here comes when you tag someone who does not follow you yet because you will be charged 1 gem for that. Later I will tackle what is 'subscribe' thing. You can also put an image here by just clicking the button and it’s up to you where you will get that.


4. Gallery

In this aspect, you can upload pictures. The difference between uploading pictures here and on micro blogs is that, in the gallery you can submit that for review like how you submit your blog and you need to write tags here, look at the picture below. In micros, you can’t submit your content for review.


Chat Box

Here, you can communicate with the other users by using the Global chat. Global chat is placed in left bottom corner on your screen. You can communicate to the users that are online in this instance. If you want to talk to a specific person that is online, you can use the private chat. You just click on the "users" and you will see the list of names, then click the name of the person you want to talk to and click on "open a private chat".



Subscribing System

While I am online on global chat, I used to see someone asking about “how to ‘add friend’ here”. He is just new here so I talk to him in private chat and offer him my guidance to answer some of his concerns. Guys, here there is no “add me" icon. You can just follow your friends by just subscribing them. Every time you subscribe someone you earned 10-satoshi, notice your earnings like the picture below.




Some new users always asked about "what is buzz?" , buzz is the "like" button in this site, based from the experiment I did, the more buzzes you earned, the more earnings you can get of course aside from the buzz base you have.



The buzzers, I often called as bitsers (in my own words, BITlanders + uSERS = BITSERS) is the one who will buzz your posts. Make sure your posts have a sense so that you can attract them to buzz. Communicate to them through global chat so that they will always buzz your posts.





While tackling what gems is, I already mentioned the store. The store is where you can buy stuffs for your avatar. Some stuffs there can help you add power ups to your buzz score. To make it short just look at the pictures or just go to the shop.


Buzz score


Buzz score is the basis of the ranking on the leader board, the higher buzz score you get from other users the high rank you will attained. As of now, Harrrr is the number one user that has the highest buzz score. By the way, you can maintain your buzz score by doing the daily quests.


Daily Quests

Daily quests must serve to be your daily routine here because you get additional +buzzscore from that as you can see on the pictures.



Like living in the real world, there are also rules implemented in this site. Of course, one of those is not using "bad words" bad words on global chat is strictly prohibited so behave and be friendly guys :-) aside from that, the two new rules are implemented here. You can read that from micky's blog (micky-the-slanted-salerno ).

1. the-public-chat-becomes-english-only

I already made a blog about this. here is the link english-as-a-medium-for-communication-in-global-chat  read so that you know the reason for this rule.

2. blogs/ban-for-buzz-and-sub-comments-and-on-the-chat

I already made a blog about this too here is the linkmy-journey-here-and-the-impact-of-mickys-blog-about-ban-for-buzz-and-sub-comments-and-on-the-chat.




For clarifications, you might wonder what is the purpose of the logo on a certain post is, like at the picture above. Well, if you click that certain post, you will see this and you will earn 10-satoshi if you clicked that. You can see many posts having that logo if you will click “home”. You can earn also 10-satoshi when you subscribes other user. And those earnings for those who buzzed your posts and your buzzscores’ earning will be added when you see the treasure box, like this one

You can use the link for conversion I mentioned a while ago. ^___^


For the withdrawal of your earnings and to know what is bitcharity. I will write another blogs for that so make sure to be updated. Again, welcome to bitlanders and enjoy your journey here! Happy earnings!


Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera


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