bitMiles, F.A.Q.

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How do I register?
To register and create a new account, go to

How do I log in?
If you already have an account on bitLanders, use the same log in and password to log in at

What is the Dashboard?
Once logged in, you are taken to your Dashboard. This is where you can see all the latest tasks you completed and your available balance.
From the red menu bar, you can create a campaign, cash out your rewards, or redeem a coupon code.

What are the Transactions?
Your Transactions page is available from the top menu. It displays your bitMiles activity, the rewards earned and cashed out.

Campaigns & rewards
How do I create a campaign?
To create a campaign:

Click on the red ‘New Campaign’ button from the Dashboard, or to ‘Manage Campaign’ from the top menu and then ‘Add Campaign‘.
the name of your campaign
the website associated with your campaign
Add an image to illustrate your campaign.
Click on ‘Create‘.
Watch a video on how to create a survey campagin:


How do I add a reward to a campaign?
To add a reward to a campaign:

Click on a campaign (from the ones created seen on the ‘Manage Campaigns’ page)

Click on the blue ‘Add a new reward’ button

a name for your reward
a type
how often (daily, weekly...) and how many times you wish the reward to be delivered a Congratulations sentence or text that will be displayed to the user when they claim their reward the number of bitMiles they will be rewarded with

Add the image associated with the reward.

Click on 'Create'.

Once created, the token id of the reward will be displayed at the top. Click on ‘Select’ to select the code and copy-paste it at the end of the landing page URL associated with the reward.

Example: i.e.

Click on ‘Back‘ to return to your Campaign.

How do I manage my campaigns?
To see and manage your campaigns, click on ‘Manage Campaigns’ from the top menu.

How do I manage the rewards for my campaigns?
To see and manage your rewards, click on a specific campaign. There you can easily update and delete rewards with the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons below each reward.

Payout & adding funds
How do I cash out my rewards?
To access the Payout page:

Click on ‘Payout’ from the red menu bar on the Dashboard, or on ‘Shopping’ and then ‘Payout’. Select your desired amount for payment and follow the steps to redeem.

How do I add funds to my account?
To add funds to your account to use for further campaigns:
Click on ‘Shopping’ and then ‘Add Funds‘.
Select your desired amount and follow the steps.


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