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Marketing is basically a widely used term which actually describes the actual meanings which is a communications between company and the customer (as audience).Marketing is used too increase the value of your product and service in the audience. Marketing is the basic needs in order to increase the demand change of products in customers.On line marketing is also used in now a days and very famous its so easy to for us now to show the world our product in seconds.Every site supported  with advertisement and now in the world of social media in which everyone is connected to the world its a best options for all company to develop the value of their products so easily.

 Its not an easy job for companies to to engage traffic by displaying ads.Its's a job done those site who are expereanced in this field of marketing in generating traffic or make product know by many peoples in seconds.Today we discussed here one site (BIT-MILES) who actually doing these kind of activities with an example of how sites (BITLANDERS) improve while connected with this amazing site.


 Detailed Introduction

Bit-miles a site manage by team of expert of online marketing.Main purpose of this site is to  promote brands by compensating (rewarded) of their users .Bit-miles helps brands to promote to wide range of users within no time. 


 A Rewarding Platform

Bit-miles  an amazing platfrom which solves the marketing problems of the Era.Its now easy to promote brands and users both simultaneously at the same time.Its a two way marketing which benefits both at the same time.


A brand is basically a name , term or symbol which actually a product which differ from others seller products.Bit-miles helps brand to be promoted fast and  easy by rewarding brand ambassadors in order to be became more popular .



Users which actually be rewarded by bit-miles in order to became brand ambassadors of the brand.In that manner brands get popular more fastly and easily.


How Bit-Miles Work

Bit-miles account Management

Every bitlanders users have already account on bit-miles this is an amazing great oppertunity for bitlanders users.Bitlanders balance are also use here to start compaign as a brands.Iner side of the account display in picture below.

New Compaign

Its so easy to start new campaign by users .In first step you have to in seret name and address of site which you want to promote and add picture of your compaign and then add rewards you want to give users .I will show you all in pictures below.

 Bitlanders Powered by Bit-miles

Bitlanders is live example of bit-miles success because bitlanders increases users engagement when attached with bit-miles.Invites , task on bitlanders and donations almost everything is powered by bit-miles.

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