Bitter Melon my favorite vegetable

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      Bitter gourd or bitter melon is one of the vegetables rarely eaten by kids and some adults due to its bitter taste. I don't know why I love this vegetable or maybe I love the taste if I'm the one who cooked it. You can always find it in the market and cheap compared to other vegetables. It is very easy to prepare and cook. I'm just sad that I cannot force to feed my kids with this  even if I cooked it less bitter. Children now a days is really hard to feed vegetables. They will surely make a a face if they will see you putting it in the dining table.

       My mother always cooks vegetables when I was a kid. Whatever she prepares we must eat it or we will get starved. That is the reason why I became fond of eating any kinds of vegetables. Not just my favorite but this vegetable is a wonder in terms of health benefits. I just hope that I can force my kids to eat this vegetable because it is really nutritious.

 Some health benefits are:

1. Anti-diabetic - it helps lower down our sugar level. However it is not recommended if you are under diabetes medication because once your sugar level will drop so low it will create more serious problem.

2. Anti-cancer - Just like any other fruits and vegetables this also has an anti cancer effect.

3. Anti-oxidant - This is due to its high content of vitamin C just like other vegetables

4. Immunobooster - Because it is high in vitamin C you cannot easily catch colds or other diseases caused by virus. 

5. Appetite suppressor - Due to its lectin substance present in it helps you achieve a non hungry effect.

6. Good for the heart - Since it lowers down blood sugar it makes a good blood circulation that is good for the heart.

7. Good skin - Since it has an anti-oxidant effect and rich in vitamin C it will make your skin healthy. 

8. Ease your digestion - It is high in fiver and water contents which is good in digestion.

         These are just some health benefits you can get from this vegetables. Some who are not fond to eat this just take the supplements which is already available in leading drug stores. For vegetable lovers like me, I prefer to eat it because I really love it.

         There are some method to limit if not to eliminate its bitter taste. Some soaked it in water and salt then extract the bitter juice which is not advisable because you are removing its nutrients. I have my own method and I know some of you are doing it too.

Here's some tip to cook this vegetable less bitter

1. If you will saute it together with garlic, onions or with tomatoes let it cooked in the cooking oil then if you want to add some sauce just add hot water since it is already cooked. Put seasonings then sprinkle a little amount of sugar as contrast to the bitter taste. You can also add some eggs or previously cooked meat for a better taste.

2. If you will add it with another vegetables like squash, string beans and egg plant which is usual in FiIipino dishes separate the cooking of bitter gourd by putting it in boiling water with salt and some sugar after that you can mixed it with already cooked other vegetables.


       This is just a tip if you don't want to eat it less better if not you can cook it the way you like it. Happy eating of this wonder vegetables.


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