BLOG #120: First Kiss

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I saw this video from Mannythemovieguy about Top 10 Wedding Movies and it reminded me of a friend of mine who got married last year.

Their story is that she was introduced to the nephew of a friend of hers through Facebook.  She was working Canada and he was working in the Middle East.  They haven't met personally.  Their contacts were through phone and online only.

They have only known each other for a few months and I was surprised when she asked me to be their photographer.  I gladly accepted and so we made plans.  However, unknown to her, the groom's side have already contacted someone for their wedding coverage and so we canceled our deal.

I still attended the wedding and took some photos.  They held their wedding here in Baguio City where most of family and friends are.  That weeding day was their first kiss ever, making it more special, don't you think?


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