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After 7 days of waiting, finally, Ms. Hillary reviewed by blog Strawberry Festival Parade.

As usual, I failed in the tag section.  Why am I not surprised.  For tags, 10-15 related tags is okay.  That's what I did.  Can you tell us how to make better tags?  You should probably add in the FAQ section a topic about that.

Whenever a review comes up, I don't mind the other comments anymore because I am anxious to know the review on the tags I put in the blog/gallery I submitted for review.  Not to brag but almost always I passed in other categories.

So instead of making a list, I will make a video instead of the things I submitted be it gallery or blog or video and tag Hillary so I don't need to make a list anymore.  I will be submitting 1 or 2 at a time depending on the worth of the gems.  Right now I am at 20 gems.  I might wait until it goes down to 10. Or not.

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