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The Cordillera Region is my place and my home.  It is really filled with beautiful mountain ranges.  There are vistas and vistas of different hues and terrains, diverse not only in culture and tradition but also in flora and fauna.

Every time I hike, I feel closer to nature.  I feel closer to God.  I get to appreciate how He wonderfully created such things around us and how He created us.  Through  nature He is showing us how every small and big things play a role.  All things bright and beautiful, says the song, the Lord God made them all.

We humans were put stewards here on Earth to prepare us for what is in store for us in heaven.  That was the plan.  However, we humans are too foolish and let our own decisions and greed and insatiable desire for more that we think we want to create new things from these already wonderful things.  Thus, we thought of development that leads to utter destruction.

And so we developed roads and highways to get us closer and faster to where we want to be.  We seek convenience.  Never mind that we cut trees and flatten mountains as long as we get to where we need to be.

We were here not more than three years ago the this road (Beckel Road) was already started then.  Up until now, it is still an ongoing project and the road they have made were already showing wear and tear.  It will be need more repairs and maintenance by the time it will be utilized.  Waste of time.  Waste of taxpayers' money.

Let's rather distort and destroy the beauty God has given us and then cry for regret in the end.  How is it called development when we have to destroy and suffer a lot?

The photos were all taken on our way to Mt. Jumbo or Little Mt. Pulag.  Things that we might never see again in the future.

Here is a video of what else can be seen in that place.  It surely was windy that afternoon and it's almost unbearable.  The wind was strong and chilly that it numbs you.  There was a beautiful sunset while we were descending the mountain.

I made a video of that because I cannot create a panorama of the pictures I took.  There seems to be a problem with my Photoshop.  Click that video here.  We would have loved to stay longer to watch that sunset last but we would have suffered from hypothermia by then so we decided to quickly go down the mountain instead.

Every sunset is different and this surely is something I have never seen before.  Again, here is the link to that video.  The picture below is snippet of that beauty.

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