BLOG #36: Of Blogs and Videoss

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First of all, read the FAQs for you to have an idea on how to write and upload a video. You may also want to check this blog by Migi on How to Write a Blog.

For the past few days, we have been getting Quests.  These are activities you need to do in order to gain additional buzz scores.  These are located on the right side of the page just below your notifications and other stats.


Those are three easy ways to get 3 buzzes in a day.  If I'm not mistaken, I have even does this twice in a day.  Maybe because I haven't done the quests the previous day that is why I was able to complete it still the next day.  When does the counter here in bitLanders end or start anyway?

I think we have been given these quests to do in order to promote more blogs and videos.  As I have observed, there were a lot of MBs or microblogs and photos being shared but not much on blogs and videos.  This is to encourage us to write blogs with original content and also original videos.  Blogs and videos that are not yours are fine as long as you don't submit them for review for you will surely get low rating on that because of plagiarism.

Again, read the FAQs and this How to Write a Blog to have an idea and be guided accordingly in your videos and blogs.

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