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Finally, after two weeks, the gallery review for my album Backyard Collection came today.  You might want to check this album for 4/5 ratings.  These are the reviews that are different from that album:

This really made me smile from ear to ear.  To be called a professional is really humbling.

And then my heart slumped upon this review.  This surely made my rating go down.  I don't know what that meant when everything I put in that album was taken from our backyard.  Thus, it was called backyard collection.  That comment was really vague.

My heart did a double slump upon reading this comment.  I did tag my photos carefully, give a title I think were interesting enough.  However, it seemed it still didn't pass Hillary's taste.

Check my gallery and be the judge if I did give the right tags or follow the right theme.


Click the picture above to take you to the album.

I am still thankful though for getting a 4/5 rating.  It could have been worse.

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