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Discover our Web TVs, Blog, and Earn Double Rewards


We developed a number of individual Web TVs dedicated to a series of themes: sports, short films, interviews, suspense, etc. You might have seem their banners on bitLanders, as you can earn bitMiles rewards when you click on them!

Starting today and for 1 month (you know the drill), all blogs about those Web TVs that are submitted for review will receive double rewards.

Here are a few words about those Web TVs and where to find them.


Bravame is a channel showcasing independent films, animations, and web series. It presents the work or independent film directors and animators. -


On Classimatic, you can watch classic films and series, and public domain movies. -


Sportivy is a channel showcasing sports videos from competition matches and car races to interview with athletes and extreme sports videos. -


Conversaty is a channel presenting interviews with renown actors, film directors, animators, scientists, athletes, and business men and women. -


On Comediaty, you can watch comedy films and animations online. -


Silentyarn is a channel presenting silent classic films by renown directors. -


Suspensaty is a channel showcasing suspense and thriller movies and animations by independent filmmakers and renown directors. -


Stories on the Web is a channel showcasing web series from independent filmmakers and animators. -


On Animaty, watch animated films and series including classic cartoons and independent animations. -


Documentaty is a channel featuring documentaries about various topics like education, sports, environment, politics, news, and world issues. -



This is your chance to watch great films, documentaries, and interviews, and earn double rewards when you blog about it!


- Micky

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