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This is a quick little thing. So I've tried many different bitcoin and other cryptocurency investment sites; ourbeks, double bitcoin, earn tomorrow, and some others I didn't end up investing it because the minimum investment was greater than what I had at the time before they imploded. Some sites closed, others just stopped paying me, and as I mentioned, some had larger minimum deposits than I had at the time. They offer investments like 100% ROI in 100 hours, or 10% daily, or 1.5% daily, one that was a strait up pyramid scheme and it barely tried to hide it but you made 50% commission on each person you sign up and 20% on who they sign up, etc., and others. In my engineering economy class we talked about 100% ROI in a year and the like, nothing like what they promise through these sites.

I've made money, and I've lost money. As I've said, they've crapped out on me and I've lost my investment on them. But that's kind of how investment works. Investing is just REALLY calculated gamboling with smaller rates of return. No one knows the future, so investing is calculated risk. The only thing that separates it from a casino is that the odds are better for you than casino games, and tend to have lower returns for the lower risk. Consider this, $100 in a blue chip stock will yield you like $5, but the probability of getting that $5 is like 1:1.0001, near certain for normal people. $100 at a casino game could get you like $100,000,000 but the probability of getting that is like 1:1,000,000. It's all about risk and reward.

So how does this tie into my bitcoin investment sites I've tried? Well, it's risk vs reward. They have pretty good returns, but the risk of losing it all is also pretty high. Double bitcoin worked pretty well, and I made probably 600% off of 10 investments (lost 10,000 doge on investment number 10 so I didn't get 1,000% total ROI). With ourbeks I made around 50% ROI, and would have made more but then they closed down and I lost 0.02 BTC. There was one site that had a minimum investment of 0.1 BTC, which I didn't have at the time, and then it closed down.

So right now I'm using a site called earn tomorrow. When I first saw it, I immediately thought "this is a new 'investment' scam," considering that the images, while nice looking, were just stock images edited together a little sloppy in photoshop. However, the minimum investment is 0.0005BTC and they offer 10% daily, so I decided I would give it a shot since 0.0005 BTC isn't very much. You can't get your active investment back, so that 0.0005 is essentially gone, but if you have 0% compounding reinvestment, you'll be able to get your money back in 10 days. I set mine to 0% compounding to see if I will get my money back after 10 days. After 10 days, I was able to withdraw my earnings that equaled my initial investment and I was able to get 0.0005 BTC from the site, and I was still making money off the 0.0005 investment. After I got my money back, I set my compounding to 50%, I earn 50% that I can withdraw and 50% gets reinvested. After a couple of days, I decided I will try to empty my balance, and I got it. Now I withdraw 0.0001 BTC every time I reach at least 0.0001. At the time of writing this blog, in total I've withdrawn 0.001338 BTC and my investment balance is 0.00139298 BTC. This site is not going to last long, because that's how these sites are. However, if you would like to engage in this high risk high reward investment/gambol, here's where you can join. I recommend just doing the minimum, no reinvestment, get your money back in 10 days, and then do 50% reinvestment. I'm nearing the point where I'll be able to withdraw my chosen minimum every day. Just be sure you understand that this is a high risk investment a couple of steps below strait up gamboling. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

UPDATE: OK, so earn tomorrow is "having trouble processing my payments." That's investment scam-eese for "our scam is about to collapse and the domain will go dead. Thanks for the fun suckers." I'll probably find another site in a month. Glad I could put in the minimum, get my money back, and then some :P

Well, this has been Pokematic signing off and bu-bye.

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