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In this test, students will answer questions about blogging online and Film Annex specifically. 


  1. A blog is

a. An email that you send to several people at the same time
b. A post on Facebook
c. An online personal journal with multiple entries
d. An online profile 

  1. Which one of these websites isn’t a blogging platform

a. Wordpress
b. Blogger
c. Tumblr
d. Google+

  1. The blogosphere is

a. The person who writes a blog
b. The collective community of all blogs
c. The title of a blog
d. A blogging platform 

  1. To run a successful blog, you should

a. Blog about a niche topic in which you are knowledgeable
b. Post regularly
c. Answer to your readers’comments
d. All of the above 

  1. Which social media platform is considered a microblogging website

a. Twitter
b. Pinterest
c. Facebook
d. LinkedIn

  1. A Vlog is

a. A video posted on a blog
b. A TV program
c. A blog that use video as a medium
d. None of the above

  1. Someone who writes a blog is called

a. A blognalist
b. A tumblr
c. A blogger
d. None of the above

  1. A blogroll is

a. A comment on a blog post
b. A feed of blog posts
c. The link to a blog
d. A list of other blogs that appear on someone’s blog

  1. The action of monitoring the comments received on a blog is called

a. Moderation
b. Spam
c. Customization
d. Tracking

  1. Writing on someone else’s blog is called:

a. Spamming
b. Guest blogging
c. Commenting
d. Tagging



  1. Which user below can blog on Film Annex?  

 a. Filmmaker
 b. Writer
 c. Viewer
 d. All of the above 

  1. What is The Annex Press?

 a. A newspaper that publishes the latest film reviews
 b. A professional blogging platform for paid writers on Film Annex
 c. An online source for movie theaters and showtimes
 d. An online magazine that brings the latest Hollywood gossip to its readers

  1. The first thing a blogger is recommended to do upon registering to Film Annex is to

 a. Write a blog
 b. Ask for a payment
 c. Create a blogger profile with a picture and biography
 d. Message other bloggers

  1. A blogger who contributes to The Annex Press can write about

 a. Film and entertainment
 b. Current events b. Ask for a payment
 c. Social media
 d. All of the above

  1. What is Film Annex’s payment policy for bloggers?

 a. Every user who blogs gets paid
 b. Every user on Film Annex blogs for free
 c. Film Annex only pays The Annex Press contributors who are picked by its editorial team
 d. None of the above

  1. What makes a blogger a good candidate for becoming an Annex Press contributor?

 a. Excellent writing skills
 b. Excellent research skills
 c. Interest in exploring various topics
 d. All of the above

  1. What is one thing that bloggers on Film Annex are not allowed to do?

 a. Contacting the editorial team to write for The Annex Press
 b. Share their blogs with their audience via social media tools
 d. Plagiarize and copy written material from other sources on the Internet
 e. Write more than 200 words

  1. The Annex Press bloggers get paid based on

 a. Their knowledge of the topic they’re writing about
 b. Their BuzzScore 
 c. The number of words in their blogs 
 d. All of the above

  1. A blogger’s BuzzScore increases when

 a. The blogger writes more blogs
 b. The blogger shares his/her blogs with his/her audience
 c. Readers share that blogger’s post with their contacts
 d. All of the above

  1. A blogger can share his/her blog on which of the following social networks

 a. Facebook 
 b. Twitter
 c. LinkedIn
 d. All of the above

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