bones how important in human beings

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today i am talking about human human skeleton bones are very important from the birth human are 300 bones in there body and when a man become a adult age the bones are come 206 because mostly bones are bind together 

the strongest bone in human body is thigh bone and weak bones are in ear thigh bone gives strength to human body for working strongly in human body thigh bones are stronger part it helps work strongly.there movements are strong human are relay upon there strength 


brain bone are very important role play in human body it protect our brain and also helps to make him sharp 


another bone are also important in human skeleton are back bone are support the head and whole body which stand upon on back bone all movement are based on our back it help human to stay stable 


we also discus about wrist and foot bones which control our hand and foot movements .in wrist there are more then 50 small large bones which handle our hand functions.two big bones ulna and radius helps muscles strong and helping in hand movements foot bones are also impotent flexible  and soft thy help us walking every where jumping running

in human body all bones are important for living for human movements for health 


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