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"The Babe in the Bar" is episode seven of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a bar of chocolate is found to contain human remains. It's a big bar.


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The World's Largest Chocolate Bar

A chocolatier is unveiling the world's largest chocolate bar to an audience of children and their parents. The chocolate bar, now that it has been measured, is going to be cut up - using a two man saw - and handed out. The saw sticks on something inside the chocolate, some liquid drips out, the chocolatier lends a hand and the bar splits open, disgorging a foul-smelling mess.

Chocolate and Corpse Bar

The mess is the mostly decomposed remains of a human female. The FDA may allow certain amounts of foreign matter inside foods but an entire human corpse is probably a bit much. It's also probably not going to be good for the chocolate company - being known as the company that made a dead-human bar of chocolate.

Do Not Lick the Bones

The entire bar is shipped back to the Jeffersonian, and kept chilled to prevent it melting. Mr Nigel-Murray - back from his round the world trip and, by the sounds of it, having spent his entire $1 million Jeopardy winnings - says it's murder. Brennan gives another option - which is more than a little farfetched, the woman having laid down in the chocolate and suffered a seizure. The body is a bit of a mess, and the bones need cleaning of the chocolate. Not by licking them, as Booth suggests. Hodgins and Mr Nigel-Murray need to clean them.

Qualified for Everything

There is no match in missing persons to Angela's facial reconstruction. She did work in R&D in the company, and was thought to be away at a meeting. Her sister, when she's told about what happened, says that the facts are not true - the image may be that of her sister, but her sister did not go to culinary school or work at a chocolatier. The dead sister appears to have lied a lot, she had changed jobs multiple times and constructed new resumes for every job she applied to, resumes that made her appear totally qualified for the job.


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A Motive for Murder

The dead woman was killed in the chocolate, but why? Was she killed because she was a liar, and a very accomplished one? It seems that every place she worked, at least up until the chocolate factory, she was notorious for having relationships with men there. And it seems that there is a connection between what the victim was drinking before she died and a former employer. The employer also states that the victim and her sister hated each other. It seems that the victim was not what she seemed either - and that brings up a motive for murder.


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Personal Matters

Michelle is applying to colleges and Cam is getting a little too involved. When Mr Nigel-Murray suggests universities in the UK, Cams says that she will kill him if he mentions going to college outside of the country. Where Michelle picks is the university that her boyfriend is going to. Cam is not happy.

Hodgins wants to throw a party letting people know that Angela is pregnant. He doesn't know that everyone has already twigged. So Angela wants everyone to act surprised. Or not come.

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