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"The Final Chapter: The End in the End" is episode twelve of season twelve of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs, and the second part of the two-part season and series finale. In this episode, the team struggle with a damaged lab and a killer still on the loose, gunning for Booth's family.

Previously on Bones...

In the previous episode, "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life", Booth realised that Mark Kovac had planted a bomb in the Jeffersonian. The lab was, mostly, evacuated, but Booth, Brennan, Hodgins and Angela were stuck inside when the doors closed and couldn't be reopened. Booth found and disarmed a bomb under the platform but discovered it had a repeater. Which meant there were more bombs. He told everyone to head to the basement although Brennan stopped to grab evidence on how to find Kovac. Then the bombs exploded.


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The Lab is in Ruins

This episode opens with the lab in ruins. Hodgins and Booth are sprawled on the floor amongst the debris. Both come too and Hodgins calls out for Angela, who answers. Booth calls out for Brennan. Who doesn't. In the previous episode Angela announced that she was pregnant and now she and Hodgins are both worried about the child.

Aubrey Has Been Trying to Get Hold of Booth

Aubrey is at the FBI and there is a news article on the explosion (the newsreader is David Thomas Boreanez, David Boreanez's father). Aubrey has been trying to call Booth, with no luck, and Caroline arrives and says the same. She asks if Booth as going to the lab and Aubrey replies that's what Booth said. Aubrey is going to go down there and Caroline says she will make sure the kids are looked after.


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Brennan is Finally Found

Please tell me that son of a bitch is either dead or in custody. And if have a choice, I choose dead.

In the lab Brennan is still not answering. Aubrey arrives outside and there are many emergency vehicles on site. Aubrey tells Caroline on the phone that both entrances are collapsed and completely filled with rubble; it will take hours to dig through them. Caroline also wants to know about Kovac; she'd like him brought in dead or alive. Preferably dead. However, the phone they were tracking was a decoy taped to the bottom of a delivery truck, so no joy. In the lab, Booth finally comes across Brennan who is lying on the floor.

The Others Are Worried

Outside, Aubrey sees Arastoo and Cam and asks about the others. Cam tells him that they are still inside; they tried to go back but search and rescue wouldn't let them through. Cam has been trying to call them, but no-one has answered. Arastoo says that doesn't mean anything, as the signal is probably knocked out.

Hodgins Finds Angela

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Stuck in the Lab

In the lab, Brennan comes around and asks first about Christine and Hank, who are at the FBI. Brennan says that she feels different and Hodgins replies that three bombs went off, maybe more, and if Booth hasn't defused the bomb under the platform, they would all be dead. Frankly, given the amount of damage, it's a wonder they are all still alive and relatively unharmed. Angela tells Brennan that Arastoo and Cam got out, so they will get help. You know, just in case anyone didn't notice the big explosion.

Brennan Knows that Something is Wrong with Her

Brennan says she was looking at something before the explosion and asks what it was. Booth tells her it doesn't matter but Brennan replies that it's important. She asks what she was doing and Angela tells Brennan that she was in her office. Hodgins says that they were working on the dead prisoner's remains. Brennan checks and finds a piece of paper which she unfolds. She reads out some bones and says she doesn't know what they mean. Angela tells her she does; they're bones. Brennan replies that she knows, but she doesn't understand the significance. Booth tells her she will figure it out but Brennan replies that there is something wrong with her.


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Booth is Desperate to Get Out

Booth and Hodgins are looking for a way out of the lab and Hodgins says that both front and back exits are blocked. It will take hours to get through them. Booth says that Hodgins saw Brennan; they need to get out. And asks if there are any other exits. Hodgins replies that other than the basement access, those are the only two exits from the lab. Ironically for safety reasons. Booth says there must be something, a duct, a vent. Hodgins tells him that a bomb went off at one of the biggest public institutions in DC - rescue teams will be on the way. Booth, who is not thinking entirely rationally, asks Hodgins if he hears anything, because Booth doesn't. No drilling, no rescue attempts.

Brenann is Struggling to Think

Angela is with Brennan and she says she has got some water. Brennan asks what something is, which is a stethoscope and a beaker. Angela says that, according to Hodgins, used together they are almost as accurate as a foetal Doppler. Brennan asks if that's really the case and Angela says yes. Brennan taught Hodgins that. Brennan is struggling as she attempts to find the heartbeat. She says it isn't the appropriate device, she isn't a medical doctor and she is not processing like usual. It takes her a bit but she does eventually find the baby's heartbeat.


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Booth Wants to Blow Up More of the Lab

I know I've said a lot of things over the years about you being a sniper; I was wrong. Killing Kovac's father, that was the right thing to do.

Booth has retrieved the other bomb. Hodgins says to Booth that he thought he defused it and Booth says he did. He thought he could spark it up again and blow the wall. Booth asks Hodgins for help who replies that there is nothing he would love more but that the building can't survive another blast. Booth says that he saw Brennan, she has some kind of head trauma and might be bleeding in the brain. Hodgins replies that he saw his pregnant wife thrown against a wall - Booth isn't the only one who wants to get out of here. Hodgins tells Booth he isn't listening, it's too risky. Booth was trained in munitions, he knows this, he doesn't have to be a hero. Booth says he has to get out of there. Hodgins tells Booth that, over the years, he's said a number of things about Booth being a sniper. But killing Kovac's father - that was the right thing to do. They hear a noise at this point and a wall gets a hole knocked in it by rescuers.


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Brenna's Brain Has Been Injured

Outside, Cam and Arastoo are helping when they see the others coming out. When Brennan asks about Christine and Hank Aubrey tells her that they are safe. When Booth asks Aubrey about Kovac, Aubrey tells him he needs to sit down. Brennan is being examined and there is something definitely wrong. When Booth comes over she doesn't know what but Cam explains that the good news is the CT scan shows no internal bleeding, but that there is a contusion on the corpus callosum that connects the two hemispheres of the brain together. Brennan's memories haven't been damaged but her ability to process complex information has.


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They Need All the Help They Can Get

Brennan says she needs to get back to work and asks Arastoo to stay close in case she needs his help. When Booth tries to talk Brennan out of it, she tells him that the longer Kovac is at large, the longer he has to plan something new. She needs to get back to the bone room; the four bones she wrote down are key so she needs to start there. This will not be as easy as it sounds though. The explosion has emptied the storage drawers in the bone room. Brennan says she needs Arastoo's help; Booth, shining a torch on a big mountain of bones, tells her not just Arastoo - she needs all the help she can get.


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Booth isn't Running

At the FBI, Karen Delfs has turned up; she says she came as she heard and asks if Brennan is okay. Booth tells Karen that the lab is a mess and she asks if there's anything she can do. Caroline arrives and says yes, the killer and his bomb-happy accomplice are still at large. Delfs asks about the accomplice; Booth says that two nights ago Kovac was in prison, so he couldn't set up the bombs. Caroline asks about Jeffersonian security and Aubrey tells her that everything between 2 and 3 AM was deleted; the guy was methodical. Caroline suggests that they all join Aubrey in LA. Booth says he isn't running and wants to interview Kovac's ex-wife again.

Angela Has a Backup

What do you mean? You listened to me? Angela, I am a known paranoid conspiracy theorist!

Hodgins and Angela are in her office; like the rest of the lab, it's a mess. Angela says that her servers are destroyed. Hodgins says that she will have backed them up to the cloud though. Angela replies that Hodgins has been lecturing her for years that the cloud isn't secure. He's amazed she listened to him - given that he admits he's a known paranoid conspiracy nut. Angela replies that she did - which is why she brought this. Taking out a key. Which she uses to unlock a cupboard and retrieve something. She tells Hodgins that it's her own version of a black box recorder, it has a full backup of every file in the lab. In a case that's pretty resistant to damage as well. Hodgins says she did listen and Angela tells him not to let it go to his head.


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More Assistance but Brennan is Still Struggling

Clark, Wendell, Daisy and Jessica have all been brought in to assist. Jessica hands Brennan a bone that may be one they are looking for and Daisy tells her why it isn't. Which Brennan doesn't grasp. She is not doing well. Clark says it's impossible; there are at least 200 sets of remains on the floor. Wendell says it's like excavating a mass grave and Brennan says it isn't. Describing in quite a lot of detail one she excavated. Arastoo says that Brennan remembers that so clearly, and asks if she is doing better. Brennan replies that she doesn't know, but does remember things, giving examples for each of the five. She remembers how meaningful the work can be, she just doesn't know how to do it and can't make sense of the evidence.

They May Have the Bomber's DNA

Hodgins is examining something when Cam enters. She asks if that's explosives from the bomb Booth defused and Hodgins says yes. The bomber used a binder material with the explosive, so that it could be moulded into shape. Cam notices some fingerprints and Hodgins replies that they are all partials, not enough for a match. However, they show the bomber used their bare hands when making the bomb, so there may be epiphelials of the bomber's DNA.

Booth Thinks Jeannine Kovac is Hiding Something

Booth is interviewing Jeannine Kovac and says she knows something, she's hiding something, and this is the last offer she will get to make a deal. She swears that she doesn't know anything about what Kovac did or is going to do next. Booth wants to know if she is willing to prove that. At the Jeffersonian, Angela is looking at photos from Cam's wedding reception, as that's where Cam's ID was stolen, and spots a waiter carrying Cam's purse.

Jeannine Kovac Passes the Polygraph

Jeannine Kovac is doing a polygraph to prove she doesn't know anything. Aubrey is in the interview room and Delfs and Booth are watching. Neither sees anything to suggest she is lying and Aubrey tells them that Jeannine passed the polygraph as well. Booth still wants her held. Aubrey gets a message about an ID on the waiter and Delfs joins him.

Brennan is Not Grasping the Obvious

Brennan is staring at some bones when Angela wheels something in on a sack barrow and asks where everybody went. Brennan thought things might make more sense if she was alone with the bones. They don't. What Angela has brought is an X-ray machine. The interns thought they could match these bones to pre-existing X-rays of the victim's skeleton to make sure they got the right ones. At Brennan's expression, Angela says it was a crazy idea. However, Brennan replies that it was an obvious, fundamental one - and she still couldn't grasp it.

Brennan Doesn't Know Who She Is Without Her Brain

If the thing that made me me is gone, who am I?

Booth, Aubrey and Delfs are looking at photos of the, rather dead, waiter who stole Cam's ID. He was a low-level drug dealer with no history of violence - and flunked chemistry. So he isn't the bomber, just someone the bomber hired to steal the ID and then killed. Booth sees Brennan arrive and goes to see her. She is upset, and wondering what if her abilities don't come back. Booth tells her to give it time; he knows guys who lost their memory and it came back. Brennan tells him it isn't just amnesia, her brain is different, she is different. Booth says she will get better but Brennan asks what if she doesn't. For so much of her life, her intelligence was what she had. Her brain was who she is, who she was. If the thing that made her, her is gone, who is she? Booth tells her that she's the woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

An Unexpected Twist

Cam and Hodgins have got a partial hit on the bomber's DNA. They wonder if they are reading it right and run it again. It isn't a mistake, so they call Booth. They have a partial match to Kovac, a female relative. Booth says that it's Jeannine Kovac - she isn't Kovac's husband, she's his sister. That's how she passed the polygraph; she always answered 'her husband' not 'Mark Kovac.' At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins tells the interns that they are going to have to do Brennan's job, for she can't at the moment. And that this is what Brennan trained them to do.


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Tidying Up Loose Ends

So, with this being the last ever episode of the series, in the shortest season, the case is solved faster than it would be in a normal episode, with the remainder being 'cleaning up' a few loose ends. Jeannine Kovac being Kovac's sister also seemed to come totally out of the blue. There didn't seem to be any mention of a sister before. Plus, Mark Kovac had an entire history of entering the U.S. as a foreign national, but nothing apparently popped up on Jeannine Kovac's record. Was this a last minute decision or something?

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