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"The Shallow in the Deep" is episode six of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, remains from a recent murder are found on an old slave ship wreck.

Booth's Skeleton is Falling Apart

Booth is got out of bed - with many cracking noises - by Brennan knocking on his door. Apparently he has an appointment with Sweets regarding having something signed off. Brennan comments to great degree on Booth's physical damages, to the extent that Booth says he must be falling apart. Brennan says he's fine - it's his skeleton that's falling apart. They catch Sweets and Daisy in flagrante delecto - despite having broken up, they keep sleeping together (accidentally, according to Daisy; Sweets asks Booth's advice on the subject).


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An Alien Life Form?

The lab is examining remains found on a slave ship (Brennan neglected to mention just how much of the ship was coming into the lab and the dead slaves become quite personal to Cam) so that they can be identified. During the process some of the bones are found to be covered in a pink life form that Hodgins can't identify and suggests might be alien.


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The Modern Bones on the Old Slave Ship

All of the bones come from the same individual, who was murdered. Not that relevant perhaps - except the remains are under a month old. Brennan says they are from a young man not more than 20 years old, but Booth gets a hit from Angela's facial reconstruction on a driving license leading to a man who's rather older. Brennan insists that cannot possibly be correct - and she's right. The man in his late twenties is still alive and was the victim of extensive identity theft by the dead man. Which is motive, certainly as he stated he was going to kill the guy on a recorded phone call to the credit card company. Sweets says that identity theft can lead to anger issues, but the man says he didn't even know who the man was.


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The Murder on the Cougar Cruise

Identifying the victim proves difficult, especially as Hodgins is having problems removing the fluffy pink worms. Because he hasn't managed to identify them. Brennan says that the victim shows signs of child abuse, and Booth realises that there is another database they should be searching for the victim, not missing persons, as victims of child abuse often run away. Angela de-ages the victim against the missing children database, and they find the victim. The victim was in the foster system, something that Sweets is familiar with. With the victim identified, they manage to track another foster child who had problems with the dead man, Liam, as the latter testified against him. Said individual works on a cougar cruise. Where Sweets proves to be quite popular with the guests. Liam also worked the cougars, but he was after the extras - money. The cougar cruise, once Hodgins manages to remove the pink fluffy worms, looks to be where Liam as murdered.

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