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"The Twist in the Plot" is episode thirteen of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, two bodies are found in a grave in the woods, a grave that was supposed to only hold one corpse.


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The Corpse in the Forest

A couple of people are travelling on Segways through a forest when the woman hits something and falls off her vehicle, landing face down on the ground. When the man helps her, the woman says that her face is tingling. It's covered in quite a lot of rather large insects. Then the man sees something - a human skull sticking out of the ground. So he videos it for the kids. Admittedly, given children, a lot of them would think that a video of a skull is awesome.

Sweets is Still Living with Booth and Brennan

Booth, Brennan and Sweets are at home. It seems that Daisy is going to be working back in the lab - Daisy hasn't been seen since Sweets broke up with her in "The Tiger in the Tail" and has been living with Brennan and Booth ever since, having said Daisy could keep the apartment that they were going to be moving in to. Booth and Brennan both don't feel that Sweets is really over Daisy yet, as he hasn't managed to find a new home. Sweets' excuse is that the housing market in D.C. is rather tight at the moment. And, when Brennan asks - she has never been a great one for tact - he says that he hasn't brought home a woman because he's sleeping in Parker's room. On Wolverine sheets.


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Two Bodies in the Grave

The body in the ground appears to be a female Caucasian. Given the out of the way location, Booth thinks sexual assault. Then, whilst excavating the body, Cam and Brennan discover another skull. There are two bodies in the grave. Back at the lab, Cam is concerned how Daisy might react if Sweets drops by. Daisy says she's an emotional rock. Just like Brennan. Cam does not appear convinced by this. Daisy and Sweets might not be as together about the breakup as they think they are.


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A Natural Burial, Not a Body Dump - For One of the Bodies

According to Sweets the woman's body in the grave was carefully arranged and, according to Hodgins, anointed with sandalwood, frankincense and cloves. Which is perhaps a tad unusual. Booth mentions green burials - a natural way of burying people without embalming or coffins. A company called Green Passages had rented a burial site from the national park - but there was supposed to be only one body in it. The woman in the grave, Monica Craig, was supposed to be there, and died of natural causes. Cancer. The other body was not.

A Dead Death Consultant

The second body, also a woman, is that of a murder victim. Monica's husband is not very happy, because having her body taken to the Jeffersonian is the opposite of what Monica wanted. Sweets shows the husband a facial reconstruction of the second woman, and he recognises her. He says the woman, Rachel Knox, was Monica's death duela. Monica's death consultant at Green Passages. Rachel helped Monica through her last days, washed the body and prepared it for burial. Talking about death causes Brennan and Booth talk about their last will and testaments. Booth's is written on a sticky note. Brennan's is 312 pages long.

A Partner in the Business

Rachel was the business partner of Akshay Mirza, the director of Green Passages. He seems to take it quite badly. Booth is curious about why Mirza did not report Rachel as missing, because she was murdered three weeks ago. According to Mirza, Rachel disappeared all the time; it was a part of who she was and actually helped the business.

A Strict Dating Policy

Another funeral director had sued Rachel for reneging on a contact. She had agreed to go into business with him, but set up with Mirza instead. The man wanted to destroy Rachel in court for this, and tells Booth and Sweets that Rachel and Mirza were an item. Which Mirza had conveniently left out. According to him, they broke up nearly a year ago. Or, rather, seven months ago - around when someone smashed Rachel in the face. Mirza explains how this happened, and it was an accident. Also according to Mirza, Rachel had a strict policy of only three months with any man.


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Perhaps Two Murders, Not One

Daisy also discovers something interesting about Monica Craig's death. Her cancer was not advanced enough to cause death. Monica still had weeks left to live. So how did she die? Rachel was crushed by a burial marker. They were both buried in the same grave, Monica may have been murdered, Rachel certainly was. So, are the two deaths connected? That's the twist. Mirza keeps leaving out essential information when he speaks to Brennan and Booth. Which does look suspicious. Booth and Brennan both think that Mirza may not have taken the end of the relationship with Rachel as well as he claims. He seems like a far too obvious suspect though. So, was Monica murdered and who killed Rachel?

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