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Few days back I write about book as consider the book as knowledge archive. Today I am going to write about the place where the books are kept. This place is called library. In a library all types of books are kept. Religious, political, historical, poetry books, novels, drama books, humor and all type of famous and knowledgeable books are kept in this book archive called library.

We can find all types of books in it. It is a quiet place to read books and seek knowledge. At least every city of the word contains a library. Good schools and colleges also have a library. So there students get there knowledge from it. Big libraries are the house of hundreds of thousands of books.

There is another kind of library called digital library. This type of library contains digital type of books. In this type of library there is no need to come to library to find and read books. They can read books everywhere online on their tab, computer, laptop or phone.

Digital library has decreased the importance of real library in our new generations. New comers like to read books on their computer instead of reading the hard copy. This all decreases the importance of public library.      

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