‘Book’ That Kills the Germs

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Books give the awareness and knowledge to Human. Books may be about any topic; by studying them any can get new information` and his mind broads and remain fresh. However, now in Canada the books extinguish the thirst of knowledge as will as of water.


This unique book is invented by scientist Dr. Theresa Dankovich of Canada. This book purifies the water and kills the germs present in water and makes the water healthful.


    Dr. Thrisa Dankovich has been researching for longtime on this great technology, firstly in McGill University of Canada and then in University of Virginia of America, by the help of which germs and bacteria could be removed fully from the water.


    The pages of this book are made by paper but a very minor layer of nanoparticles of silver or copper is pasted on them. These particles kill the germs.


      The method of using this book is that tears the one page from this book; put it on filter holder or on the mouth of glass and pour the water on it. The filtered water will be purified up to 99%.


     The method of using silver and other metals to purify water from germs is not new but these metals are used for centuries. However, the use of these metals with filter paper is first time.

    The idea of using metals particles with paper came in the mind of Dr. Theresa Dankovich in McGill University while performing scientific experiment. During research she came to know that metal particles present on the thick layer of filter paper can kill the germs. While going ahead in this research, she gave the shape of book (Drinkable Book) to these important filter papers.

   From the results of experiments performed in laboratory, it was come out that 1 filter paper can purify 100 liter water. So, one book will be enough for a person to use for 4 to 5 years.  In South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh this book is successfully tested.

    663 million people do not drink purified and clean water. The maximum countries of Third World do not have clean water, so the millions of people died yearly due to different diseases spread by infected water. So, in meantime the invention of Dr. Theresa Dankovich will be very beneficial.




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