Book-To-Movie Adaptations: Five Best Movies Of 2017

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Book-to-movie adaptations: five best movies Of 2017

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Hello dear readers. I love reading. I have read thousands of books already through my life. And always it is interesting to watch how the book becomes a movie. I rarely watched the movies based on books that would be better than the literary works. Today, I want to write about five book-to-movie adaptations - best movies of 2017. Of course, it is just my opinion, and it no how should influence your choice or opinion.

Many screenings of literary works flood the cinema annually. Although the opinion prevails that movies compared to books are much worse, one has to admit that not all the feelings or events of the pages of a book are possible and necessary to display on the screen. 

Today, I will share five great book-to-movie adaptations of 2017.

It's a pity that most films are far from the books. And yet, may there are some great movies based on books, or maybe they even surpass them?

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The novel, The Beguiled written in 1966, published by writer Thomas Cullinan, leads the viewer to the state of Virginia, the epicenter of the US Civil War. Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Ellie Fanning are the main heroes.

A student from a women's boarding pension finds a wounded soldier (Colin Farrell). Led by the Christian morale, Miss Martha, director of the pension (Nicole Kidman), decides to admit and heal an enemy soldier. However, the true cause of such an act is not altruism, it is not a concern for the sick person, but sexual energy triggered by a meeting with the opposite sex.


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While the solder is locked up in the music room and Marta continues to instruct the girls to do their usual activities, the atmosphere in the home is changing. Shortly afterward, she herself notices that McBurney's presence afflicted them all. McBurney, having realized the effect on young girls, begins to show his love for them, hoping to avoid becoming a prisoner of war.

Soon, Corporal McBurney is becoming the cause of the breakthrough of young girls feelings. As it turns out, all those women like this young man, and while all the women fight for the attention of the soldier, he is determined to enjoy the kisses and the company of each of them. The racing and sexual tension are growing every day, and the young man begins to communicate secretly and emotionally with the melancholic Edwina (Kirsten Dunst) and the frivolous Alicia (Elle Fanning). The boundaries of decency have been overstepped, the taboo was broken, and the action soon begins to run in an unpredictable spiral and bare out all the secrets of their characters. 


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In 1971, director Don Siegel first created a movie by this famous novel. A leading role Siegel trusted to the actor Clint Eastwood beloved of all women.  The audience saw a story that the screenwriters moved into screens with jewelry accuracy. Practically the exact adaptation of the cult literature was also introduced in 2017 by director Sofia Coppola. She has based her choice to film this movie again on a wish to look at the psychologically sharp story with eyes of the woman and to test a new genre for her - a romantic western. 

For the sophisticated and brutal The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola at this year's Cannes Film Festival was awarded the Golden Palm Award as Best Director. 

The Beguiled is better directed than it is written... In its study of interpersonal rivalry and sexual tension, the film doesn't say anything that wasn't better articulated in Don Siegel's 1971 adaptation. - Chicagoreader.


THE BEGUILED is the look of S. Coppola from a feminine perspective, which focuses on aesthetics and details.  S. Coppola does not heavily examine her characters but rather emphasizes expressions of femininity and masculinity in general through a less stereotypical prism. 

The director presents a few subtle emotional scenes, delicate humor, and visually appealing visuals. The aesthetic aspect is the strongest part of this movie but we can still add a strong performance of the actors. And it's hardly possible to directly compare Coppola's variation with D.Siegel's movie. S. Coppola presents a distinctive vision and accents in her own way. 

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Journalist and writer Jeannette Walls published a memoir book THE GLASS CASTLE in 2005, which has just become a phenomenon. The book was held on in the New York Times bestseller list for the 421 weeks and has been sold more than 3 million pieces. Copies are translated into 22 languages.

A book about a girl who had never had her own corner and was unable to find a place in her life, about the strange traveling of her family, and running from internal demons, about an alcoholic father and a conflicting mother, became a source of optimism and a lifebelt for readers who have grown in destructive families.


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In 2017, the book full of girl's dreams, courage, and life joy became a movie of the same title. The Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson embodied the writer J. Walls. The script's creators in the storyline have added some of their own fictitious details, as well as eliminating some of the facts in the book but this is a routine practice novels' adaptation.

Jeannette (Brie Larson) lives enjoying a successful career in one of the New York's magazine, which allows her to have a comfortable and fairly luxurious life and upcoming engagement with the well-earned David (Max Greenfield). However, this illusion of rich life is fragile - one evening returning home in a taxi, Jeannette sees the parents delving in garbage containers. This image forced her to remember the childhood when the six-person family changed their place of residence at least once a year, when four children sat at home hungry, as mother Rose Mary (Naomi Watts), painted her paintings and her dad who most commonly spent his time and money in a bar.


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Therefore, inevitably there are conflicts between where Jeannette came from, between her past and where she is going now, what she wants and what she seeks - her present and future.

THE GLASS CASTLE is a movie about real and imagined values, the meaning of life, and true feelings. Extraordinary, and what is most important, the real history of life, in which the issues of such eternal values as family, spirituality, faithfulness, faith, and devotion are raised up.

The Glass Castle is a study in the power of family ties --and the resilience of children to overcome even the harshest of circumstances. 


LION (2017)

Five-year-old Saroo accidentally finds himself on a train heading towards Calcutta. Having been away from home, without having to speak the local dialect, and forgetting the name of the hometown, the lost child has been walking for some months on the streets until he reaches the home where the Australian family adopts him. 

The second part shows Saroo's life twenty years after his disappearance. A very interesting part of the movie, which shows that in the hands of good parents, a child can grow into a decent and respectful person with a serious goal of creating ambitious future plans. Growing up without knowing his identity, 25 years after a fatal train journey, the guy decided to use Google Earth and finally find the way home. 

So, such is the story of Saroo Brierley's life, described in the book The Long Way Home. It was released in Australia in 2013 and sold out in the shortest time. In 2016, the movie Lion based on the motifs of the biography book has reached the screen. It reached our cinemas in 2017.


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The main roles performed the actors Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, and Nicole Kidman. The creators of the film transmitted the memoirs to the cinema screens without violating the facts of the author's life.  A detailed adaptation of the memoirs, an incredible story, and the great performance of actors helped the movie to win 6 Oscar nominations, revived the career of actor Dev Patel, and gave the audience a spectacular sight.

Lion will delight you. Probably, will make you cry. But, most importantly, this movie will inspire you to seek peace. Such can be found only at home. And all this atmosphere and spirit will be conveyed to you through the heat you will feel inside when coming out of the cinema hall. And we feel such warmth only where we feel good, calm and safe - where the house is.

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The BIG LITTLE LIES mini-series has become one of the most talked-about works appeared on 2017 TV screens. As soon as the first episodes appeared, a sequel was announced, which, according to the developers, will both write and direct Andrea Arnold. The attention of the audience was not only guaranteed by the stars (Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, and Alexander Skarsgard) but also an intriguing plot.



At first glance, the simple story of three women and their offspring, who met on September 1, spoke about friendship, divorce, family relationships, lies, violence, and coercion.

An Australian writer, Liane Moriarty, published a popular novel in the homeland in 2014. After three years, in the mini-series, she could see everything that she described on the pages of the book. The biggest storyline correction made by creators is the relocation of an Australian action to the US coastline and the unfaithfulness of Reese Witherspoon's hero.



The actress who produced the series convinces that this scenario's turn was invented on her own initiative, since playing an ideal woman was too boring for her.

Big Little Lies - involving, a non-banal and thought-provoking story about relationships in the family, a relationship between husband and wife, mothers and children, second marriages, self-esteem. The story also describes super mothers - their rivalry, passions, quarrels and a dangerous innocent lie.


The movie THE SNOWMAN created by the motifs of the same name novel written by the Norwegian writer and musician Jo Nesbo moves us the Oslo that is shocked by murders. Many years before the first winter snow falls, a woman is brutally murdered in the city, and the place of murder is marked by a prominent snowman here. Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender), who at all costs has to stop the mysterious events until the first snow falls, investigates the murders. Together with him works young detective Katrine Bratt (Rebecca Ferguson) specially arrives from Bergen to Oslo. 

The SNOWMAN novel, written in 2007, is the seventh book of eleven Jo Nesbo novels. It is dedicated to detective Harry Hole and his investigated crimes. Martin Scorsese himself intended to screen this story, but the chair of the director handed over to Thomas Alfredson. Himself, he became a producer of tape.


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The creators of the movie greatly simplified the storyline and the personalities of the main heroes; they did not avoid the interpretation and changed some turns of the plot. Some of the changes were so courageous that the book's fans on social networks believed the movie's story is far from the storyline described on the pages of the book.

THE SNOWMAN is a brutal and endlessly stylized thriller with the easily predictable story with good actors, precise thought-out technical solutions, and, in my opinion, a dull atmosphere.

On The Final Note 

The people working in the film industry consider the fact that the movie based on a book as a guarantor of success. However, not all of the works succeed in obtaining the sympathies of the watchers.

The literary work loved by readers gives more guarantees to filmmakers that viewers from most of the movies will choose precisely the book-to-movie adaptation. However, every attempt to adopt a literary work into a big screen is quite risky.

While reading the book, we create one or another image, and the actors' images, so it often happens that the movie does not satisfy the expectations of our imagination. Readers often get disappointed when the film moves away from the storyline, and when characters created by the actors do not equal the book's characters. But this is natural. Faced with the three developers - the author of the book, the film director, and the book reader - so, it is almost impossible to avoid it. 


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However, I would not say that movies that differ from books cannot succeed. Both the book and the movie are separate creations. A lot of readers go to the cinema not only because of the book's plot but because of the desire to see the director's interpretation.

Only the best books turn into movies.

Have a fun watching!!!


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