Books: How it affects my life.

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Books are the most quietest and the most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."--Charles William Elliot



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Books can either a friend or a foe. But it can be both.

Books can either make or break you. And it can be both.

Few years ago, I was challenged  by a facebook friend to share the books that has a BIG EFFECT on my life. It should be ten books. With the books that I have, I have few that I can really say that it is a keeper, the book that I can read many times and still have that love for it.

Yes, I have a lot of books that have given me inspiration, guided me, and lighten my life's perspective. Books can really be a teacher, a counselor and a silent friend. And here are the ten books.

Ten books that affected my life and the reason why.

1. "For one more day" by Mitch Albom. This is the story of a retired baseball player named Charley "Chick" Benetto, who was given the chance to spend a day with his deceased mother. Sounds like a "ghost story" but not quite. Charley Benetto is in pain due to divorce, being estranged by his own daughter, alcoholism, with unrealized dream, then he returned to his hometown and attempted to take his own life. It is when he is between life and death that he met his mother. 

The book teaches me about how deep a mother's love is. How our mothers have stood with us, and it made me realized the times that I didn't stood for my mother. The book that made me understand how far a mother's love can go and what a son can do to his mother.

Like Charley Benetto, I have regrets with not being able to tell how I love our mother. Words that were left unsaid are the most painful words. Now, I am catching up with those words. And appreciating every mother's act for their children, and telling kids that they should love their mother.

Have you ever have someone you love and and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up the time when you thought that they would be here forever? If so, the you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the ones you wish you had back"--"For One More Day" by Mitch Albom



2. "Buti pa ang Roma may bagong Papa" by Noringai. The book came after a new Pope was announced, hence the title that translates, "I envy that Rome has a new Pope". Having it translated in English can somehow made some think of, "what is the connection?" with what the books is.

The book speaks of being single, NBSB or no boyfriends since birth, waiting, broken-hearted, alone, in boyfriend. Some single women can be jealous of their family or friends who are in relationship, while they are still in this searching stage. The book acts as a counselor, to look at the positive side of being single, and enjoying being single. And the book is simply funny.

Years after reading the book, I am still single, but not envious, I can say that I am happy with my status. And patiently waiting for the right one.


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3. "Moments" by Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD. This a collection of self reflection. It made me appreciated everything and I have been grateful to every blessings from God. This helped my heart, and soul in healing with every pain that I went through for the past decade.

 4. "The Timekeeper" by Mitch Albom. The book tells about the invention of clock. It is also tells the lives of two stranger, who was pulled into the sands of time. Two persons who wanted differently. One wanted more time, while the other one wanted to shorten time. A teenage girl who wanted to shorten her time on earth by killing herself and a wealthy man who wanted to live forever.

This is the book that made me appreciate every time that is given to me, making the most out of it and not wasting it. Since then, I have been watchful with TIME, knowing that I can make more money but not with time.

It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be."--"The Timekeeper" by Mitch Albom


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5. "Confessions of an Impatient Bride" by RissaSingson-Kawpeng. This is a book about the author's journey toward finding the right one for her. And I agree with her points written in the book, the funny and embarassing experiences.

It is a must for the single ones that is still on the waiting shed. It perfectly describes the struggle of being asked on when to tie the knot.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how dance in the rain"--Anonymous


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6. "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom. This is a novel about intersecting lives. Why you are born, your purpose and why you have to die. It talks about forgiving and letting go of those burdens that has been kept. That sacrifice is always a part of our lives and we should not regret on it.

Holding anger is a poison, it eats you up inside"--"The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom


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7. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angel Among Us. This is a collection of real life stories of people who experienced kindness, sudden miracles or divine intervention during their bad times.

I, myself is a believer of being guided by angel or angels. Like they protect me from harm. Some are the people we might know, some can be strangers. And we can also be an instant angel to someone who is in dire need of kindness, compassion and help.

8. "The First Phone Call from heaven" by Mitch Albom. Yes, another from him. This is a novel about the miracles that has been happening in a small town, but is it real? No for those who has been called, but someone who doesn't believe got a real call from his deceased wife.

This book made me wanted for a phone call from my parents or from my sister. Hoping that I can get a minute or two conversation with them. But it is impossible right? Somehow it gave me hope, fro I am a believer for miracle.

Desire sets our compass, but real life steers our course"--"The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom



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9. "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. Yes, another from Mitch Albom, obviously a big fan of his. The books talks about getting back to an old professor and mentor, relationship towards the people we love, to our community. The books have taught me about life, religion and the pain that has been hurting us unconciously, about death and how to cope up with it.

The book made me look up to Morrie Schwartz, whom Mitch Albom made the book for, the last class he attended and also learned about ALS. One of the book I will always recommend to a friend or even to a stranger.

There is no such thing as too late."--"Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom


10. "The Alchemist" By Paulo Coehlo. This books narrates the story of chasing your dreams, your treasures. Just like Santiago, who have been dreaming of his treasures, took risks and had an adventure in chasing his dreams. It is one inspiring story.

In this book, there are so many lines that is best to ponder, like you want to "savor" every word of it, and touches your heart and soul. It makes you find your dream and know what your heart really wants.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."--Paulo Coehlo, "The Alchemist"


Hope you found something that made you say..."this is my "life's manual".?


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Hope you enjoy reading as much as I do!

And thank for reading!


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