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I personally love to read and I have read many books in my life. I can say that I have faced some really good books and I have faced some that were not good at all. But no matter is a book good or not it is helpful to us. Good book will help us to understand some things hat are around of us, to learn new words, to understand situations and people... Book that is not quality will help us understand what we do not like.  Because of that I think that everyone should read. And my advice to everyone is "Read, as often as you can read!"

I will share with you the list of my favorite books. I am sure that you have already read some of them and I hope that those that you have not read already will seem interesting to you. 

If this list help you to decide to read some of my favorite books, please let me know that in comments below. 

So, let's start!


  • First on this list is my favorite book of all times "Picture of Dorian Gray".  This book is written by controversial writer Oscar Wilde. In this book he described a life of young and beautiful man called Dorian Gray. His childhood was difficult and the story is following his life since he moved to London. He was an innocent child before he got there, but there he met a lot of people that are evil and clod. Or maybe they are not evil and cold, maybe they just have understood what life really is. Anyway, we will see his rise and his fall, his life and his death, his pretty face and his ugly soul. And we will see how easy is to start and how difficult is to stop doing something what is not good for you and people around you. Dorian will hurt many people, many good people that truly loved him. And he will understand what he has done, but unfortunately, too late. We can really learn a lot from this book. 
  • Second book on this list is legendary "Anna Karenina ". Book is written by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. I am sure that we all remember a story about pretty and unlucky woman that got into a big trouble while she was trying to help to his brother and his wife to save their marriage. There are two main characters and two life stories in this book. One main character is Anna and other one is Constantine Levin. We will see some important happening and some everyday situations in lives of those two people and people around them. One story has a happy and ordinary end and one of them has a tragically and spectacular end. So, if you have not read this book, trust me, you have to read it. It will definitely help you to understand how much you really have and how happy you are. And at the same time, it will show you that your problems will stay with you forever, and even if you solve them, some new will appear. 
  • Third place on this list is reserved for book written by Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic, called  "Death and the Dervish".   Book is full of some symbols and it is one of those realistic books that are showing us some ordinary people with their big problems. Main character of this book is Sheikh Nuruddin, he is a dervish and he is very respected in place where he is living. He is living his ordinary life and it seems to him like nothing can change, but then his brother got arrested, and he feels like he has to do everything to help to his brother. At the same time main character of the book is also the narrator, and that is why book is even more interesteing. In this book we can see many feelings and many emotions. And we can see how important family really is.  Maybe he is amking some decissions that are not right and he is doing some things that he should not, but during the whole book, he loves his brother very, very much.
  • Next one is book written by Serbian writer Ivo Andric and the book is called "Miss". It is about one woman, that is everythig except normal and ordinary. All she has in this world and all she loves in this world is money! And there is nothing other what is important. After she lost her dad, she became cold. Very cold. Too cold. She did not love her mother or her relatives. People at all were not important to her. All she wanted from people was money! She was never showing any emotions and she was collecting and keeping money whole her life. Her life ended tragically, she had a heart attack. Do you know why? She was thinking that someone is trying to steal her money, and that scared her to death. For Miss, money was much more than life, more than family... moer than everything! 
  • Fifth place on my list is reserved for ""1915"  written by Serbian writer Branislav Nusic. It is about Serbian people and Serbian army in World War First. Book is a collection of stories and every story is about one happening or about one life, one personal tragedy. In every story you will see a lot of negative emotions, sadness, suffering... I recommend to everyone to read this book, it is showing the tragedy of one nation. Serbia has lost a lot in the World War First, specially while army and people were moving to Greece trough the Albanian mountains and swamps. Gangs were killing soildiers and people, and that was not only problem. It was very cold on those mountains, Serbs did not had enough food and water. And also typhoid and some other diseases were big problem. Writer has lost his only son in this war and trough the whole book we can see his emotions. So, as he said, this book is just one small part of this tragedy. There is not any book that can describe how much Serbiann folk suffered in the 1915. I recommend this book to everyone, it is about ordinary people that were in some terrible situations and you can see their reaction, their sadness and madness.

So, this was list of my favorite books, I hope that you are going to like it and if there is any book that you have not aleready read I hope that you are going to read it now after this my text about it. All those books are realistic, about some 'small people', they are living their ordinary lives and some big things that are happening to them and changing their lives.  So, we can find ourselves in every of those characters. And we we can think about those situations, and how we would react if we were in any of them. Of course, we can never be sure what we would do if that happened to us, war, love, death of some loved person, loosing of big amount of money and all...

At the end we can say that we are happy because those things have never happened to us. 


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