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Does boredom come to you from time to time? It occurs to me once in a while. When it comes, I don’t have motivation to do anything useful. I just want to lie down and relax. I want to do anything else except the one that concerns me. I want to unwind somewhere else silent and relaxing.

It might not be boredom at all. Maybe this is just burnout. If you have tried working consecutively and intensely for a few days, one day will come wherein you feel you are not in the condition to do the job for the day. Even if you force yourself to work and use your mind, your brain just refuses to function.

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The problem is that this kind of feeling has become a common occurrence to me lately. I find myself energetic at the beginning of the day, but it subsides toward the end of the day. It seems something is lacking deep inside. I cannot find satisfaction anymore, even if I am doing something for the good of the family.

Maybe I want something else. Perhaps I just need a little inspiration. I am wondering, however, where I can get that little spark to lift up my mood. The deeper the night gets, the lonelier I become.

Bedtime is just around the corner. Maybe I should think of myself more than I usually do. A little more time for myself is probably necessary. Another possibility is the touch of someone else. How I wish it comes sooner.

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