Branches of Storage devices and their benefits

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In this blog we talk about storage media of computer that store our data for large time in a disc that is called storage media. Media are the physical materials in or on which data may be stored.

Due to disc we can easily get our data when we need and store word documents for a large time in a small disk. There are two main types of storage media that are commonly use in a computer.

Primary storage media and  secondary storage media. Primary storage media are that media which are use for temporary storage for small time. The example of primary storage media is random access memory.

In this memory and when we switch off the computer data will delete or erase from RAM. Secondary storage media for that media which can we store data for lost time and store the file for permanent storage.

The example of permanent storage media is magnetic tape, floppy disc, hard disc, compact disc, and universal serial bus (U.S.B) etc. Magnetic tape are use in computer for copy back of previous software.

Magnetic tap is used for rolling data and store for permanently.In magnetic tap a reel are present that revolved around a circle and place or store data on reel.

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