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August is a special month for me and my family. I got married in August. My wife, my son Stefano and I were born in August. And we launched in August 2014:



After 9 years of online film distribution, working with 28 major ad-networks, dealing with over a billion unique users, I have learned that Advertisers and Brands need a direct correlation and connection between their Advertising spending and their Sales to define the perfect formula to optimize their ROI (Return on the Investment).


Here is the simplified formula I designed to satisfy the Advertiser's needs:




The first step is to define the objective of the Brand and Advertiser, for example, sell more Amazon cards! They will create and publish a native advertising campaign associated to the product and service and post it as a sponsored link for engagement.



The second step is to motivate registered users, their friends and fans to participate in a "Social Role Playing Game" and engage with the Branded Message. This includes pictures, blogs, comments, videos and other forms of social media communication. The users use avatars, customize them, and enter the World of Role Playing Games, similarly to Kim Kardashian's new app.



The third step is to quantify the quality of the content produced, the social media reach and influence, and assign it a BuzzScore value to reward the users. Along with it, bitLanders also rewards the users with Bitcoin payments to empower them to shop and spend. This is an innovative perspective from other Role Play Games that usually take money from users, while on bitLanders, we rewards users with Bitcoin and Gift Cards so that they can spend it on the products they like the best. This process shows the Advertiser if their strategy is working or if there is room for improvement.



The fourth step is to invite the users, their friends, readers, fans and followers to purchase the electronic gift cards associated to the product we started with, in this case the Amazon gift cards. The sales generated by those gift cards are a valuable income, but also a valuable data on the user's sentiment about the Advertisement, Service and Products promoted in the initial message. This data allows us to define a direct correlation between the Branded Message and the Sales. This can be scaled to national or international level to push further sales on multiple platforms.


We want to show the Brand and Advertiser a direct connection between their message and their Sales so that they can adjust their campaign and strategy to a broader market and set of opportunities starting from the bitLanders ecosystem.



In addition to the above, we also link their products and services to the Blockchain that is the future in terms of organic growth. The Blockchain is the very sophisticated but extremely reliable and safe environment where digital currencies like Bitcoin are residing, and where people like Fred WilsonMarc Andreessen and Mike Novograts store their trust.


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