Brasilian drama ( General director.Joachim Löw)

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What happened yesterday? It was drama real drama ,drama that staged Joachim Löw for it needed only 30 min .Brasil without Silva and Neymar was so helpless that can t do anything against <<Bundes Mashin>> ,but beating this way could not have imagined even most fans of Germany 7-1 it s unbeliveable ,amaizing in the main role were players Germany ,but from all players was one that do somthing special ,that player beat gol whinch make him historical player .

Miroslav Klose  

He exceeded Ronaldo record ,Klose beat his  16 th gol in Mundial ,Ronaldo`s record was 15 and it s a double sadness for brasilians .But problem is not just in sport ,we all know how much people were against Mundial .Brasilia now has so poor economy and if Brasil could win Mundial it would justify Brasil government but know i dont know what they will apologize,it will later ,now brasilians must to try come back from shell shock ...


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