Bringing Education to the Children of Afghanistan

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Ever since its inception in 1989, the Baghnazargah School in Herat has worked to bring education to the lives of thousands of Afghan children. The school is located 5 kilometers away from Herat and caters to the needs of children of all ages. The school currently has close to 3700 students, 1700 of which are girls. A very heartening fact indeed, given that women have long been suppressed and deprived of education and other rights in this country.

The school is large and spacious and has facilities for studies and recreation. The children, outside their classrooms, play in the large basketball court and run around in the campus that also houses a football ground. There is a sense of joy and belonging among the students and it clearly shows that they enjoy coming to school. The teachers are qualified and teach in an interactive manner, making the lessons enjoyable for the children. There are 47 lady teachers and 50 male teachers. The classes are held separately for the boys and the girls, in keeping with their cultural traditions. The school has, in the past received help from UNICEF and now Film Annex has provided the school with internet classrooms.

For a country that has seen violence and tremendous amounts of social injustice, having a school that produces future leaders is important. And seeing the children receive education, there is no doubt that Afghanistan will soon see some very able and educated leaders, thanks to schools such as the Baghnazargah School in Herat.

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