Britney Spears - "Everytime"

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I may have made it rain

Please forgive me

My weakness caused you pain

And this song is my sorry


This 2003 Britney song is pretty standardly-sad lyrically, but the music video features Britney -- deep into a failing relationship and constantly hounded by the press -- eventually drowning herself to death while her guilty spouse cries over her body. Then a baby gets born in the hospital, so it's like, cyclical or some shit. (That's a total ripoff of Live - "Lightning Crashes"! I KEEP SAYING Live is the most influential band of all time, man...)


But then also Britney wakes up in the bath at the end of the video, so maybe she doesn't die? But also maybe the baby wasn't born, then? Was it a dream? Was the baby part of the dream? Is the Earth now +1 human or even?

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