Buddhism in America

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As most of you know, Buddhism is one of the widest religions in the United States. But what do you know about Buddhism. American Buddhists include many Asian Americans, and there is a lot more hidden in the roots of the history. 


There are several types of American Buddhism: "immigrant" or "ethnic Buddhism". There is a huge difference between Immigrants and descendants who brought buddhism to America along time ago and those who were converted and supported foreign teachers; the type of buddhism they believe in is called "elite Buddhism"; its practitioners, especially early ones, tended to come from social elites.


The next category of Buddhists is called "import Buddhists", because they came to America largely. This type of Buddhism is Modern and not just an American phenomenon...



Buddhist Churches of America.

There are a lot of Buddhist Churches in America. Buddhist Mission of North America was founded in 1899, and it took its current form in 1944. All of the Mission's leadership, and almost the whole Japanese American population, had been interned during WW2. 


Why "church"... Well, the word was used similar to a Christian place of worship. 


However, usually Church refers to the group or body of persons who share faith based in Christianity. We tend to use the word "temple" while talking about Buddhism.


By the way, 


Won Buddhism of Manhattan has served, for the last seventeen years, as a spiritual home for New Yorkers. The Center was founded in 1994. No matter who you are, I recommend you to visit that wonderful place of peace and restoration. You can practice meditation there, which is so helpful. You can learn more about Buddha in our highly modern and materialistic society.



Live in peace... Live with God; and always remember that it doesn't matter what religion is yours....... God is one for all of us.





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