Building schools in Afghanistan and supporting veteran businesses is not an act of philanthropy?

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I have shared Film Annex's mission of building schools in Afghanistan and creating Veteran business opportunities with several friends, business associates, diplomats and politicians. They all asked me what led me to this act of philanthropy. Philanthropy is a great word but I must work hard to be cold and rational and not to get emotional on this one.

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Here are the rational business reasons why we are doing what we are doing:


Why are we building Internet classrooms in the schools of Herat? Because with Herat's existing Internet infrastructure, I can connect 160,000 students to the World Wide Web and increase Afghanistan GDP from $900 to $8,000 per capita. Also we can benefit from their technical skills.


Why are we working with Roya Mahboob's Citadel software company? Because she has the best software business in Afghanistan and is highly recommended by NATO.


Why are we supporting the Afghanistan education system and hiring students to write Afghanistan blog articles? Because they have great stories, good writing skills and the potential to enrich The Annex Press.


Why are we teaching Afghan housewives to earn money writing blogs and recipes? Because the Veterans we interviewed mentioned how great the food is there and how it can become a potential veteran business opportunity. This initiative also gives women the power to reach a well deserved financial independence.


Why are we working with Veterans entrepreneurs? Because they have the skills to inspire and execute great Afghanistan business opportunities.


Is the idea to create IT businesses with low overhead and high revenues an act of Philanthropy? Maybe.


Investing in the Afghanistan education system and working with veterans for veteran business opportunities is a great and rational business choice. But it isn't necessarily an act of philanthropy.



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