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The first school in Afghanistan

One hundred and five years ago, in the reign of Habibullah, the first modern school was build. Habibiya high school established in Kabul, at the beginning of this school, all the teachers and administrative officials were from India Until 1288 AH  also there were several schools, but Habibiya school was one of most modern schools in Afghanistan on that time.

Development schools

Amanullah Khan began to pay special attention to the new schools and modern education. Important step in this way will be established Schools in Kabul and provinces developed in Afghanistan's Ministry of Education. Able to form a government ministry to oversee the affairs of the schools have more

Professional Schools

Create professional schools were other actions that took place during Amanullah Khan. In each of these schools teaching and training was in a specific field.
Agriculture, justice (rights), was the most favorite subject in these schools beside of writing and reading skills.

Many new schools have established for children and some schools for adults opened as well In those years, The method of literacy being closely monitored by Amanullah Khan for good qualities and more improvements, people also liked that.

During the long war in Afghanistan, many of the facilities and infrastructure in Afghanistan has hurt Schools and educational institutions in the country were not exempt from these problems.

Schools and school fires

Education in Afghanistan for the past three decades has been a very bad situation. Government has spent much money in the last three decades for making schools. But the enemies of Afghanistan began to crash and burn schools. Early winter 2008 Ministry of Education has announced that during the past five months, 43 schools were burned in Afghanistan


Several years ago Afghanistan had lack of professional teachers and also there was not a good educational system, all the books were from 18 years ago security problems have added to the these problems as well.

Fortunately, today is the first day of (2013) AD I am proud to say that Afghanistan has school in Each district now a days.  With the help of the international community Afghanistan government could rebuild most Afghanistan’s schools in five years which cost $ 561 million.

Also with the printing 7800 of new book has brought a great development in the education system in Afghanistan. Also there are lots of companies that are working for improvements of Afghanistan education.

 Afghan Citadel Software Company was formed in July 2012 as a Joint Venture company by leadership of Roya Mahboob and Film Annex Capital Partners. These Companies are work together to introduce information technology to the children of Afghanistan.

By creating internet classes for schools and creating online exam connect all children in entire Afghanistan for more improve.

I wish that parents let their children to join in schools and learn education because it is very important in humans life.

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Zaker was born in Kabul Afghanistan on Thursday 02/21 AM 1992/06/09. he attended to Habibia high school. for studding knowledge. when war start in Afghanistan he went to Pakistan with his family. he studied computer programs and English language at kout institute in Pakistan. also he attended to TEAKWONDO club…

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