Building Schools in Afghanistan

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Building Schools in Afghanistan

Written by Nikki Shaver 

Although in recent times more children than ever before are attending school in the country of Afghanistan, a large majority of those schools are makeshift.  Some of these are made from tents, or even using a large sheet tied between two trees to shelter the children from the elements. Most of the actual buildings used as schools have no electricity or heat. In the winter, that leaves students and teachers to deal with the bitter cold, and in the hot summer there is no electricity to power fans or air conditioners. Due to these conditions, many people are asking, ‘Why isn’t someone building proper schools in Afghanistan?’

Even with the recent increase in schools being rebuilt, many of them still have no actual structure or building with access to the proper amenities. Currently, there is a large need for Construction workers in Afghanistan in order for these proper rebuilds to occur. Girls’ schools are presently taking a priority. Unfortunately, with workers being rushed to finish these projects in order to complete schools on time, foundations may be laid in an incorrect manner or walls can collapse and disintegrate easily. Organizations donating money to these schools have given suggestions in order to improve these conditions such as implementing more monitoring of the sites by properly trained and experienced workers. We in the Western World who care about the children of Afghanistan can only hope that these suggestions are being implemented.

As always, Afghani teachers are still asking for more donations of text books, school supplies, sporting equipment, and other funds to support the new students who are always enrolling. Building and implementing successful schools in Afghanistan will require more than just Construction workers. It will need continuing loyalty from organizations and other donors. More teachers must be trained, and trained well. The children of Afghanistan deserve this, and more, if they are to lead their future generation into a more positive position.



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