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Let me start this blog with some questions, 


  • Does hurting other people makes you feel better?
  • Do you avoid thinking of how your hurtful words and actions may make someone else feel?
  • Have you been bullied before and now feel like you have to make up for it by bullying others?
  • If you’re bigger, stronger, or smarter than others, do you use this fact to get your way or manipulate others?


If you have answered yes to these, then you may be a bully. But that's alright, I'll tell you some ways you can stop being a bully, here's how:

1.  Apologize

Say you’re sorry to those you have bullied and follow it up by being friendly to them. They probably won’t trust you right away, but sooner or later they will see you’re for real. Even if you don't feel like saying out sorry to the other person, just go hug them, tell them you love them.



2.  Talk to someone

If you are feeling like you are having trouble controlling your feelings, such as anger, you should talk to someone. Your parents, a friend or your spouse maybe. They are always good listeners who will exactly understand your situation & will help you come out of it.



Just remember that responding with force and aggression is not the best way to end the cycle. Stay calm and be light with the people and the situation.Don't make them feel scared of you, don't make them interpret you in a wrong way. Make them believe that the menu is not the meal. 

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