Business case no.2

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An airplane manufacturer spent a lot of money on developing a new airplane. Then the company badly needs cash and if the company does not get large orders, it will have to close down their operations which would be a disaster. On the other hand the president of the company succeeded to convince a foreign government to secure a large purchase but one of the key foreign ministers in charge of the final decision is in a heavily debt because of gambling. Then the president of the company bribed this minister one million dollars to let the government purchase 5 new airplanes. In this case the company could run its operations and became safe and the minister could pay his heavily debt.


Answer to a question:

Apparently his decision was justified because he could solve his problem by dealing with the foreign government but technically it wasn't justified because one million dollars was spent as a bribe to finish this deal and that means if he wants to do this business in the future with the same government, he would bribe this gambler minister one million dollars again, and this money would be helpful in developing a new airplane.



Bribing is something none-ethical and in business we should follow the ethics. And also we should care about the relationship between the two sides which will build respect, good business and loyalty in the future.



Written by Mohammed Hussein


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