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Another problem is that we get more than one job in the company for instance you work as a journalist with ART, and then you get an order that you have to get a politics report or current event report that really far of the ART. When you complain you encounter a threat that the boss can fire you.

Guys we had an agreement about specific field how on earth you ask me about something I don't understand!! And the respond is Look man this is the working life you have to accept it as it is. Well, actually as for myself I leave – because we agreed up on a specific time and specific job description. That's why I'm convinced with some of my friend's opinion the different between the freelance job and the other jobs that you use transportation and spending money. I admit that the freelance job is cool. Here in Egypt we can wake up at 7:00 AM if your work starts at 10:00 AM. Then you have to wear quickly to leave home at 7:30 or so, you have to expect if there's an accident or crowd. And if you are late nothing will happened cause they are all come late from time to time.

Although we have here in Egypt many and many multinational companies and international companies but there are a number of other bad organizations which make your life like hell. The problem not with the organization itself Its all about people's behavior. We get promotion by time not by effort and some other get the promotion by connection. Because I tried if you don't have a connection you will not get promoted. Well I'm talking about the majority not all companies to be fair. I tried to start business more than one time but I found the problem with people not the bad management. You have to be a dictator to get what you want and am wondering why we don't understand this and be care about the organization. Organization's success is your success.

Everyone look forward his/her own needs his/her own wants. Get the job done well you'll feel the success. Let me tell you that the most important thing has become the money instead of many other things can get us happiness. Some other friends told me that there's not one more full a shit than a slave, I was like wow I agree. Because you do other jobs not yours and there's no over money for this. People are afraid to leave their jobs for sorry. You can fish and eat and you build a tent to live in – leave the luxury behind and be happy don't be cowered to make overload on yourself or on your health. Life is easier than we imagine.

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