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Production of stop-motion animation that tough perseverance is required. But, rather will lower the threshold and if animation production that uses a simple Zotoropu (rotation except picture).  If this only loop animation is completed, great satisfaction that far exceeds the effort can be obtained.

BusyBody (25 USD ) is also considering the safety of your child to, mirror part including all plastic. So Zotoropu can not or shattered also fell from the table. In addition, each figure is has become a Gumby (US of clay animation) like a movable, so that contain wire on the inside of the body, you can be as keep When you create a favorite pose.


Sample because anime you have also with how to make is known guide, and peace of mind even if there is no thing you have learned about the animation production. Their original anime Once you are familiar can be enjoyed to infinity. If accustomed to rich in imagination from childhood, I might get used to second of Walt Disney?


source: Eye Think Inc.


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