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Buzz Score

I would recommend you get your Buzz Score up and communicate with other Film Annex users via microblog and mentioning them. For example @MarkStevenCarpenter would be mentioning me. You would then be notified and able to reply back to me. If you visit, you can find a list of the different countries and users from those countries - as well as subscribe and view their buzz score and profile.

Buzz Score Increase

The best way to get your Buzz Score up is to upload original and engaging content on a consistent basis. This doesn't mean spend hours a day on Film Annex, but 1-2 hours a day will significantly increase your Buzz Score. Every time you buzz someone's content, share content or upload content, you're Buzz Score will go up. The key is creating content that other users will respond to. You want engagement. That is the key.

If you upload content about women, make sure you upload and share via Both sites are related and work together. You can almost double your Buzz Score by uploading good and original content on Films are also a great way to raise your Buzz Score. If possible, try to upload a slideshow or film at least a few times throughout the week. The more the better!

Blogging will also significantly increase your Buzz Score - if you provide a good blog. Make sure your blog has a relevant title, keywords, spelling/grammar check and links to other users profiles on Film Annex - and/or external links when necessary. You want to try to include at least 2-3 pictures, and possibly a movie in your blog. If your blog is good enough, it will be highly rated by a moderator and sent to the Annex Press - Also significantly raising your Buzz Score.

My Buzz Score is currently 63. I began towards the end of March and my revenues are beginning to catch up with me. My goal is to make at least $20 worth of bitcoin daily. However, this does not include with the use of the A/C referral program - enabling you to make up to $20 a day fairly easily. For every user that signs up via your referral link, you will receive 20% of their Buzz Score revenue forever - without it effecting the new users revenue at all!

Important Highlights

1. Get subscribers! More subscribers exposes your content to more people!

2. Share, Share, and Share some more on ALL Social Media Platforms - Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3. Engage in other users content and most importantly...


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