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C-Blog: Artificial Intelligence Changes Marketing - Photo credit: becominghuman, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

What is this notorious artificial intelligence? People created so many myths and misunderstandings around AI term that it is often very difficult to separate truth from fiction. More recently, artificial intelligence was something from the field of science fiction films, and no one could believe that it would one day become part of our daily life. But the truth is that artificial intelligence systems already exist and successfully replace people in many professions. And in the future, everything will be more serious.

Today, I want to talk about how artificial intelligence is changing marketingAI in marketing opens the new era. We will analyze the main conceptions about the use of artificial intelligence in business marketing and its benefits. 

Already, Apple is going to introduce AI into its platforms with the ability to recognize human emotions, and world-famous Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg said that he wants to develop a home and work assistant who will work thanks to artificial intelligence. Google also gives a special role in the development of this technology in its future. 

As we know, all marketing from ancient times to recent times was built around the product. And even when marketers started talking about customer focus, it was still a story about a product. How to make the product more satisfying, more suitable for customers? As a result, the main sales strategy is to convince the customer that he needs this product.

AI might eventually transform the economy—by making new products and new business models possible, by predicting things humans couldn’t have foreseen, and by relieving employees of drudgery. But that could take longer than hoped or feared, depending on where you sit. - Brian Bergstein

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Today there is a paradoxical situation: customers make high demands on the business, but the business does not have time to respond to this request. Marketers are buried in the data, but at the same time, lacking useful information.

Most of the data revealing important information about customers exist in an unstructured form (including images, data in the local language and video); they cannot be processed mechanically, and therefore they remain unexplored in most companies. That is where artificial intelligence can help greatly.

Companies that seek to be the first to master new technologies and always be ahead of their competitors can introduce artificial intelligence into their work today.

Artificial intelligence is no longer just another trend. If you want to be ahead, you need to master it today.

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Individual Marketing - digital technologies make it possible to collect a huge amount of customer data, and, if processed correctly, we will be able to predict with high probability which product or service configuration will suit a particular customer. A person is not able to process such a large amount of data, but IBM Watson Marketing is able to do this. To process, build

Targeted Content Marketing - automation did not kill content marketing; this is still far away. Now marketers have the tools and technology for a deeper and more thorough analysis of the process of creating content. n place of improvisation came the calculation. An in-depth analysis of internal data will show what materials are interesting to visitors. Companies will be able to create more useful content to customers, and an individual approach will be the key to success. 

The Next Evolution of Content Strategy - Video credit: youtube.

Smooth Search Sessions - the future of search engines is the era of voice search. Some tools already allow search invoice. And it is quite clear that Google is rapidly moving to turn from an impersonal search engine into a full-fledged personal assistant capable of understanding natural speech.

Benefits of Using AI in Marketing - you will find in my Querlo chat listed some benefits of using artificial intelligence in business marketing. So, check it without hesitation.  

IBM Watson Marketing Strategy - IBM Watson Marketing's ability to process and link data from multiple sources into a single picture allows for more accurate planning than the “intuitive” assignment of forecasts.

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Business marketing quickly sits down on the AI trend. New technologies, from predictive analytical tools to chatbots, already influence how businesses are doing these days. Some companies use the basic elements of AI for several years, and today we can state with full responsibility the fact that this topic has passed the critical trend mark. 

The development strategy of the entire business, the strategy of a separate advertising campaign - all these are unambiguously human competences. No AI will decide for you. But each decision is based on knowledge. Only by understanding what is happening, what trends exist, what will they lead to in the near future, can we build a strategy. Namely, data analysis is the patrimony of AI, its elements.

Artificial intelligence cannot make a strategic decision but can dramatically improve the quality of decisions made by man.


C-Blog: Artificial Intelligence Changes Marketing - Photo credit: querlo

In general, it is already clear that the future in marketing most likely belongs to artificial intelligence, so you need to be ready to accept this technology and begin to actively use it. Soon, the most successful marketers will be the ones who quickly learn how to use AI in their work.

One way or another, there is a future for artificial intelligence - both for all types of business and for all other spheres of our life. Everything has its time.  


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