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When bitLanders started AI-Themed Blogging, unconsciously, I started to re-watch movies in the evenings related to artificial intelligence. It became like a mania to watch and read all about AI. I have a habit before sleep to read a book. So, one evening, I searched in google books on artificial intelligence. And got a big list of them. Some we can download even for free; some cost just a little at Amazon. After reading one, I got so involved that downloaded another. Now I have a list of six books that I finished reading, and still, a bunch is waiting for my evenings.

This is not fiction literature; these books are more scientific books because I wanted to get to know artificial intelligence by the mind of scientists. It is true that my list has a few fiction books, and I hope to add their review soon too. Anyway, reading I got so attached that sometimes it was hard to close the book. Some scientists' reasoning even frightened me. The future of artificial intelligence can be very great, but it can be the same dangerous.

So, if you the same curious about artificial intelligence as I am, or you want to know more where we are going in Ai field, what will happen in the future, start reading books

Artificial intelligence is a very popular topic now, and those engaging books about AI helped me get involved in this amazing world and better understand what waits for us. 

AI scientists tried to program computers to act like humans without first answering what intelligence is and what it means to understand. They left out the most important part of building intelligent machines, the intelligence! "Real intelligence" makes the point that before we attempt to build intelligent machines, we have to first understand how the brain thinks, and there is nothing artificial about that. Only then can we ask how we can build intelligent machines. ― Jeff Hawkins

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The list of books we chat about in Querlo chat: 

On Intelligence - in the book, Jeff Hawkins presents a revolutionary theory on cybernetics. He also described the memory-prediction system as the basis of human intelligence. In addition, the book has arguments about the consequences and possibilities of creating intelligent machines, the author’s views on nature, and the distinctive features of human intelligence. I recommend this book to all who are interested in the structure of the human brain and the principles of its functioning, as well as those who are involved in the development of artificial intelligence.

The Emperor's New Mind - the book is written by the famous physicist and mathematician Roger Penrose. The main theme is the study of the problem of artificial intelligence. Penrose uses the widest range of phenomena: algorithmic mathematical thinking, Turing machines, complexity theory, paradoxes of quantum physics, the birth of the universe, black holes, brain structure, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach - the book presents all modern achievements and outlines the ideas formulated in studies conducted over the past fifty years, collected over two thousand years in areas of knowledge that have become an incentive for the development of artificial intelligence. The book is intended for use in a basic university course or in a sequence of courses in a specialty. Applicable as the main reference for graduate students specializing in artificial intelligence.

Top AI (Artificial Intelligence) Books - Video credit: youtube

Our Final Invention - after some ten years, artificial intelligence will equal to a human, and then surpass it. Corporations and government structures around the world, competing with each other, are investing billions in artificial intelligence. But what will happen then? Scientists ask themselves: will this invention not be the last - disastrous for us? Reaching a certain level of development, artificial intelligence will be able to improve itself, without human intervention. We will have a rival smarter, stronger, and more hostile than we can imagine.

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies - book number 1 on the future of artificial intelligence and its dangers. What will happen when machines surpass people in intelligence? Will they help us or destroy the human race? In his bookNick Bostrom raises these questions and talks about the future of humanity and intelligent life. If machines surpass our human brain in terms of intelligence, they can become very strong - and even get out of our control. In this book, the most complex scientific questions about the future of civilization and artificial intelligence are described in easy and understandable language.

The Master Algorithm - a popular and interesting book about finding a universal self-learning algorithm from a practical scientist. Machine learning allows intelligent robots and computers to program themselves. This is an important modern technology - and it is also still mysterious. Pedro Domingos talks about this area of knowledge, acquainting readers with basic lessons of machine learning and shows how to use ideas from many sciences to create algorithms helping us, and how it will change you, business, science, and society.

So, there is Querlo Chat - books on AI - to chat about (the link Books on artificial intelligence opens chat in a full-screen mode)

The new era is coming. What used to be science fiction soon becomes a reality, because artificial intelligence replaces war, law enforcement, society, and even our understanding of what it means to be human. More than any other technology, artificial intelligence has a huge potential to change the future of all of us.

How can we increase our well-being through AI and at the same time without depriving people of their income and their lives? How can we be sure that in future AI systems will behave obediently, do not resist us, and will be resistant to hacker attacks? Will AI help prosper as never, or maybe the machines will overwhelm us in all areas and eventually get rid of us as redundant?

C-Blog: Books On Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: querlo

 Artificial intelligence is the most exciting topic for scientists and society at the moment. This is especially important for young people who will inevitably have to live with the AI.

We are accustomed to thinking of technological progress as a gradual, slow process - a collection of many small innovations. But we should understand that there are some very important exceptions.

Most scientists and businessmen are confident: artificial intelligence (AI) is the future stage of development for all mankind. However, some believe that robots will become helpers and improve life on the planet, while others believe that AI represents a serious threat.


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