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C-Blog: Smart Clothing Of The Future - Photo credit: pcmag, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

It will not be easy to find an answer to the question: in which sphere of production and consumption have digital and information technologies not yet penetrated? Being in 2019, we almost did not notice how deeply high technologies entered our daily lives. Smartphones and tablets, smartwatches and even light bulbs with Bluetooth - this is hardly a surprise for the modern man. True, in one thing we persevere in keeping our habits. It's about our clothes. 

But it looks that the light industry, in many respects prospering under the name fashion, already is not an exception. Every year more and more wardrobe items are entering the market that can control our health, habits, and even the state of the environment around us. I decided to tell you how designers and engineers are experimenting with smart clothes that can perform larger functions than just covering our bodies. Or rather, to be clothes that would really interact with us.

Smart clothes should neatly fit into our daily life, hiding the electronic stuffing from prying eyes. Manufacturers of sports and casual wear are just beginning to experiment with a neat combination of electronics and wardrobe items, but many of their products can be already used now.

Smart Clothes - Video credit: youtube.

At the same time, searching for smart clothes is going mostly not in fashionable shopping centers, but in the more narrowly focused stores. 

 So far, most manufacturers specialize in sports topics and add-ons for smartphones, developing the idea of smartwatches and wearable gadgets integrated into clothingAt the same time, among the manufacturers, we find the famous brands. 

 The day is near when we all will wear smart clothes instead of ordinary clothes. Of course, it will not make us a cyborg or superhero (at least in the next 30-40 years), but it will greatly simplify everyday life. 

Everyone remembers Marty McFly's self-laced sneakers from the Back to the Future trilogy - they looked incredibly cool: who among you would not want to have such?

 But before we figure out what intelligent clothing will be in 50-100 years, we need to define this very concept and find out which samples are already on sale.

Smart clothes are clothes that are able to interact interactively with the environment, processing incoming data, and reacting in a certain way in response. It differs from the usual one in that in addition to the main function - the protection of the body from the influence of the external environment - it also has extraordinary properties.

Smart clothes, also frequently referred to as high tech clothing, smart garments, smart wear, electronic textiles, smart textiles, e-textiles, monitor clothing, or smart fabrics, are clothing items that have been enhanced with technology to add functionality beyond that of the traditional use.

Credit: lifewire

In my new Querlo chat Smart Clothing Of The Future (the link opens interaction in full-screen mode) I added just a little part of smart clothing. I was surprised myself how many smart clothes we already have created. I tried to give some info not only about upper clothes but also about sneakers and smart fabrics

Don't hesitate to check my c-blog and we will chat about these clothing: 

Smart Sneakers - six smart sneakers options. The fashion to follow the health and mass passion for healthy lifestyles has led to the fact that chips and sensors have become part of sneakers and sneakers. And many of them have well-known names, for example, Xiaomi, Nike, Adidas, and others. Of course, tech giants don't sew anything. To do this, they are combined with manufacturers of shoes.

Smart Clothes - four smart clothes options. After massive insanity on fitness trackers, the turn came smart sportswear. There are created smart clothes from smart bra to smart socks and jackets. To talk about all them would need a lot of time, so I added just a few. Smart clothes is an important development not only for sports but also for people who need to constantly monitor their heart condition.

Smart Fabric - two girls from Brooklyn city have created a fabric that warms a person, and earns him money. Electronics keeps track of how long a person wears a thing. It also knows how many times the product was washed, at what temperature they were worn, and so on. For such statistics, fashion brands are ready to give away a tidy sum. After all, they have been collecting similar data for years through various surveys, but they are often not reliable.

Costume exoskeleton by Seismic - the company is owned by the non-profit research center. IT designed a smart fabric suit. Its main task is to help walk. The elderly and disabled are very much waiting for such a suit. In the places covering the joints, micro motors are implanted, which work like human muscles. 

Battery charging clothing - scientists have created a fabric from which you can charge gadgets. This was achieved thanks to carbon nanotubes. They are woven into textiles.

Welcome to chat with me for a more detailed view: 

Clothes of the future - a very promising direction for investment. In general, the segment of smart clothing can be divided into several categories.

Protective. A uniform that does not burn, transfers data, charges devices, and so on.

Comfortable. Universal things that control body temperature, ultraviolet radiation, and physical indicators (for sportswear). 

Fashion. Changes color, glows, regulates temperature - these are the most attractive aspects in the segment.

Smart. The clothes of the future will eventually push out the smartphone. She opens locks, pays bills, knows the road, you can call using it, send SMS, report a location, and so on. The weakest point of this segment is data security. Clothes will know literally everything about you. And unauthorized intervention can cause great harm.

Medicine. Medicine is waiting for the technologies of smart clothes very much. In the same section, we will assign suits that help to walk, gloves for the deaf, various wearable gadgets for the blind.


Smart Clothing Of The Future - Photo credit: querlo

It is important to understand that investing in such developments is one of the riskiest. However, the profitability in case of success will exceed all expectations. The softest direction in terms of investment is the sportswear of the future.

In the near future, we are waiting for radical changes related to the development of new smart clothing's metamaterials and concepts.

Clothes with intelligence will make our life better.

May you already wear some smart clothes? Share it with us, please. 


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