C-Blog: Smoking Kills!

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Just last weekend, my father-in-law died of multiple organ failure due to a combination of pulmonary diseases: TB, pneumonia, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The cause: 40 YEARS OR SO OF SMOKING CIGARETTE. He died at the age of 61.

His death reminded me of the death of my own father who also died at the age of 61... a day before he could have turned 62. My father suffered a massive stroke. Again, the reason, 40 YEARS OF SO OF SMOKING.

Why Do People Smoke?

This made me wonder, why do people smoke? What's in that foul smelling odor of a cigarette that people are hooked into it?


Image Credit: @geralt via Pixabay


C-Blog: Smoking Kills!


Image Credit: C-Blog: Smoking Kills


In this C-Blog, I will share with you the following


  • Effects of Smoking (to the our health)
  • Statistics About Smoking
  • Cigarette Smoking Related Deaths
  • Secondhand Smoking
  • Why is Smoking Addictive?
  • Why is Smoking Still Legal?
  • How to Stop Smoking

 Interact with this C-blog and I hope you could learn something. 

C-blog: Smoking Kills


I hope you learned something from your interaction with this CBLOG.


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