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Cebu’s Craft Story: Bringing together Cebu’s artists and crafters.

Anyone here who loves anything that’s cute and artsy? Hands up! If you are in Cebu City, there’s one craft store which doesn’t just offer art and craft but also embraces the talents and beauty of the Cebuanos but there are still other products that are sourced from other provinces too. But as what their tag line speaks, they are bringing together Cebu artists and crafters in one place.

It is a perfect idea! A one-stop shop for all your favorite crafts like stickers, paints, accessories and a lot more plus it is special because these products are own all pride of the Cebuanos. I was in heaven as soon as I entered this narrow room but filled with so much prettiness that I can’t help but prepare my camera to capture each myriad selection of handcrafted goods.

I personally asked the person in charge if it was okay for me to take photos and he allowed it so which meant, a chance to relay the experience to you guys who are like me. This visit is just short lived because my husband was already bored after having one item on his cart. Coffee.

Yes, James was only attracted to the coffee sold at the store and when he already selected one pack of instant drip coffee from Sagada, he said he is already done and over it. I, on the other hand, had to plead him to be very patient with me as I go through each tray, each small item and think if I should buy this and this, it was a hard decision to let go of one pack of stickers by the way because all of them were very cute and I believe they’ll fit well on my journal!

Anyway, today’s C-Blogging topic is all about Cebu’s Craft Story and the goods available to those who are into crafts and arts.


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