C-Blogging Features: How To Make Your Querlo Chat?

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 It is of no secret that bitLanders is just improving its platform most especially with the entry of Querlo Chat. If you have not heard of this amazing chat bot then you are missing a lot.

Querlo Chat is an amazing chatbot as it has a unique way of gathering information. It has been dubbed as the chatbot with a heart. Many brands are already embracing this way of gathering survey data to improve their services.

It has been two years I guess since bitLanders had shared Querlo Chat to all its users. I personally had created a lot of chat already, 33 to be specific! But my very first was about traveling in the Philippines which I truly love and I am proud of sharing because it is super exciting to be able to create such.

Querlo Chat reminded me of college during those times when I spent a lot of my school hours creating a flowchart! Well, obviously, it is just creating a flowchart, clicking, typing and connecting these bubbles are really fun too! I also enjoy testing it in real time because whatever you add into the flowchart reflects immediately upon reloading the page. There's no publish button but just a preview. The chat gives the embed codes and link to be added into websites like just like embedding it here in bitLanders.

In our C-Blogging topic today, I have thought of educating those who have not been using this tool to educate with the wonders of this chatbot as well as how to jumpstart their first ever Querlo chatbot so that they can participate as well with C-Blogging. As you might have known, Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno posted a blog encouraging us to create more Querlo Chat, check out the bottom information about C-Blogging and jumpstart your first ever Querlo Chat too!

Enough of the talking, I highly recommend that you participate in this C-Blogging topic most especially those who have never created one.



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This blog is published in support to bitLanders' C-blogging. Learn more about it in the quoted box below:

The future of blogging - The bitLanders C-blogging

bitLanders, the worldwide blogging platform, introduces the future of blogging "The bitLanders C-blogging", Conversational AI blogging by Querlo powered by IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure with the purpose to provide bloggers the possibility to communicate and establish a conversational relationship with their readers.

Thanks to the world's most prompt technology - Artificial Intelligence, powered by Querlo's conversational AI technology.

Querlo integrates the DeepQA Artificial Intelligence functionality of IBM Watson and Microsoft – a collaboration which sets Querlo apart from other solutions in the market.

Information from: New topics for "The bitLanders C-blogging"!

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