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I'm again with my second C blog article which is about Prayer and its types. In today's article, I have written about prayer which is compulsory worship of Islam and its types.

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My today's article is about Prayer as I told you earlier so now I would like to tell you what is prayer and its kinds.

What is Prayer in Islam?


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Prayer is the holy activity of Islam in which Muslims do pray Allah five times a day. Prayer is a compulsory activity of Islam and everyone have to offer the prayer five times a day.

Prayer is offered five times which are following;

  • Fajr Prayer

  • Zuhar Prayer

  • Asar Prayer

  • Maghrib Prayer

  • Isha Prayer

These are the basic types of prayers and must be offered daily with full devotion. Prayer is the holy activity in which Muslims talk to Allah and can ask anything to Allah. Prayer is the connection with Allah. We can get a solution to our problems with the help of prayer.

Dear friends, prayer must be offered in time and it is our duty to offer the prayer in time.

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Now I would like to present a video here about prayer and I'm sure that it would be helpful and beneficial for you and it will extend your knowledge about prayer.

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Chat Survey about Prayer and its type;

Here is the chat survey about prayer.

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