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I love making stories on social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. Although the stories were originally a Snapchat feature, the other social media sites had also adopted the feature and it changed the trend of sharing photos and videos both for personal and business usage. But more on the personal usage actually as there are millions of users every day who are posting their media files every day.

With the emerging need to post more on this feature, a lot of applications as well which are becoming famous due to their good functionalities. I am sharing here a new app which I started using for weeks or shall I say months for posting stories on Instagram but of which are cross-posted to Facebook.

This prompts me to share this application named Unfold. This is a very minimalist type of mobile app but very useful. The clean slate and the black and white theme gives the Instagram stories a relaxing aspect as well as a very professional look which I super like.

This Querlo Chat blog then demonstrates to you the different information about the Unfold application. I have here the application features as well as my own personal review so far base on my usage for the past few weeks.

Please participate on the following Querlo Chat about the Unfold app:

I bet once you finish the above Querlo chat, you'll definitely go directly to your favorite app store so that you can download the app and start using the great features and most probably get your Instagram stories filled with your images formatted from Unfold.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and jumpstart your own way to Unfold your creativity!


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