C Blogging: Paypal and Nigeria

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C Blogging: Paypal and Nigeria

The company Paypal operates as an online payment solution that offers simplified and secure online payments for millions of individuals worldwide to send and receive money.

Paypal serves as an alternative to traditional paper methods of money transfer from one person to another, one company to another and one business to multiple accounts. Paypal is the modern e-commerce payment system that facilitates the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions which have increasing popularity over the past decades.


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In the past, credit cards have been the most preferred method of payments for goods and services online. But with the coming of Paypal, credits cards and Cheque are gradually fading away. And Paypal is now generally and becoming the most preferred method for money transfer and other e-commerce activities in the world.

Paypal was established in December of 1998, but in the year 2002 it became wholly a subsidiary of eBay and now Paypal is widely accepted and used by individuals all over the world.

Until July 2014, Paypal is not open to Nigerians. After its official launched date of July 2014, Nigerians can open a Paypal account and link it with their local bank account.

As of 2018, Paypal worldwide has about 254 million actives registered accounts that allow customers to send and receive money in over 202 markets and over 25 currencies in the world.

Nigeria became among the 202 markets used by Paypal in July 2014, but a fully functioning PayPal account is yet to be set for Nigerians.

Although Paypal’s services allow people to make financial transactions online granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses, in Nigeria you can only use your Paypal account to send money overseas, purchase goods and service, you CANNOT RECEIVE payment.

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Although Paypal in some countries can send, receive, donate money and receive donations, these options are limited to Nigerians for obvious reasons, Nigeria: Is it still the Email Scam capital of the world?


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Paypal global reach has therefore clearly depicted how Paypal account policies affect countries.  Nigeria is one among the 97 countries across the world where the send only packages service is allowed. But if Nigeria the scam capital of the world can salvage her situation, she can be included in among the 18 countries worldwide that are having the privilege of Send-Receive-Withdrawal (SRW) and maybe in time find her way into the 41 countries of the world that can actually transfer their money into their local bank accounts.

Since the inception of Paypal in Nigeria in July 2014, Nigerians can now pay for goods and services without blocking their IP address or using a VPN. This is a great development. Despite, these Nigerians still need a full functioning Paypal account to start receiving money from online surveys.

You can work into banks like FirstBank and  Guaranty Trust Bank to open a Paypal account and verify it. And to start making purchase of goods & services online from Nigeria.


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