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Cairo University is one of the oldest universities around the world as , it was established in December 21 , 1908 which means almost 106 years ago .

The first president of Cairo University was Ahmed Lotfi El-Sayed and its first name was Egyptian University .

Cairo University contains many faculties which I am going to separate later in the blog .

The first faculty that joined the university was faculty of engineering and it was called college of engineering as , it was established before Cairo University itself  , it was established in 1816 .

Faculties that Cairo University contains : 

1- Faculty of medicine ( KASR AL-AINY ) :

It was established in 1827 as a medical school and it was attached to millitary hospital .

After 10 years , in 1837 , it was moved to KASR AL-AINY  area in Cairo and it was named as KASR AL-AINY hospital .

It also has a branch for oral and dental medicine .

In 1925 , it joined Cairo University and its first Egyptian dean was Dr. Aly Basha Ebrahim .

 2-Faculty of veterinary medicine :

Basically , it was established in 1827 in Rasheed area in Egypt and it had a students from many places around the world .

In 1831 , it was moved beside the school of medicine and it had a practical and cute hospital and a morgue .

In 1954 , it was approved to be a faculty instead of being a school and its first dean was Dr. Abd-ElMageed Wahby then , it joined Cairo University .

3-Faculty of pharmacy :

it was established in 1827 with the faculty of medicine as it was faculty of medicine and pharmacy .

It joined Cairo University with the faculty of medicine as one faculty .

In 1955 , it was established as an independent entity by a governmental decree and later it joined Cairo University as an independent faculty  which is faculty of pharmacy .

 wait for the Cairo University 2 blog .

written by : Mohamed Mostafa .

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