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7-Faculty of Engineering :

In 1816 , a school of engineering was established in the citadel and then , another one was established in 1834 in Bolaq but it was closed as soon as it was established .

And again in 1858 , another one was established but again it was closed in 1861 .

Another ones were established and closed until 1905 when the last founded school was moved to its current location .

In 1908 , it had two departments ( Irrigation and Architecture ) then , in 1916 , another 3 departments were opened and they were ( Municipalities - MechanicsElectricity ) .

After that , it joined Cairo University and in 1926 it became for departments which were ( Civil - ArchitectureMechanics - Electricity ) .

Year after year , it had more departments till they became eleven department by 2009 and they are :

1- Mathematics and Physics Engineering department .

2-Architecture department .

3-Civil Engineering department .

4-Mechanical Engineering department .

5-Aerospace Engineering department .

6-Electrical and Communication Engineering department .

7-Power Engineering and Electrical Machines department .

8-Chemical Engineering department .

9-Mining, Petroleum & Metallurgy Engineering department .

10-Computer Engineering department .

11-Water and Environmental Engineering department .

8-Faculty of urban and regional planning :

In 1978 , the Faculty of urban and regional planning was established and began to accept students in its old building in El-Galaa street in Cairo  .

And in 1991 , it had a new building in Cairo University and began to be known as Faculty of urban and regional planning as it was an institute before that .

The faculty has four departments and they are :

1-Urban Development Regional department .

2-Urban Planning department .

3-Urban Design department .

4-Environmental Planning and Infrastructure department .

9-Faculty of mass communication :

 In 1939 , an institute was established to study press and then , it was known as the institute of press and translation and it was established in the faculty of arts in Cairo University .

In 1954 , that institute became a department for press and translation in the faculty of arts and in 1969 , it became again and independent institute for mass communication .

In 1974 , the institute of mass communication became the faculty of mass communication and basically it was established in Cairo University since it was an institute .

The faculty has five departments and they are :

1-Journalism department .

2-Radio and Television department .

3-Public Relations and Advertising department .

4-English Section department .

5-Electronic Journalism program department .

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written by : Mohamed Mostafa .


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20 years old guy was born in 1993 from Cairo and studying at faculty of commerce English section Cairo university and interested in the online jobs widely .

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